Thursday , June 4, 2020

John Stewart

Starting as an editor on Bank Network News at Faulkner & Gray, John ultimately played a key role in starting, editing, and publishing many of F&G's flagship publications, including Credit Card Management, Card Technology, Card Marketing, and Collections & Credit Risk. Before co-founding Boland Hill Media, John was a group publisher at Thomson Media responsible for a $10 million division embracing magazines, newsletters, and Web sites.

Varo Money Closes a $241 Million Round as It Closes in on a National Banking Charter

Varo Money Inc., a 5-year-old mobile-banking and payments startup that’s closing in on a national banking charter, raised $241 million in a Series D round that closed Tuesday. The round, co-led by Gallatin Point Capital and The Rise Fund, will help the San Francisco-based Varo expand its financial-product offerings and …

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Worldpay Enlists Forter to Arm for a Potential Surge in Online Crypto Trading Fraud

Online trading of cryptocurrencies has become a hot market, and the recent online activity driven by Covid-19 fears has only added fuel to that trend. In response, the big merchant processor Worldpay, along with Forter Inc., a provider of fraud-prevention technology, on Wednesday introduced a service that will cover crypto …

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How PayPal’s Case Against the CFPB Could Spawn ‘Uncomfortable’ Results for Payments Players

It was easy to lose track of it in the midst of all the impacts of the novel coronavirus, but a crucial federal lawsuit filed six months ago still hangs over the payments industry, carrying far-reaching implications for nearly all players. It’s PayPal Holdings Inc.’s  action against the Consumer Financial Protection …

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Following The Third Halving in Its History, Is Bitcoin in for Yet Another Wild Ride?

Three weeks after an automated slashing of the reward cryptocurrency miners collect to process Bitcoin transactions, average prices are up while transaction fees have slipped. With respect to the price of Bitcoin, at least, this result follows an historical pattern. On May 10, the Bitcoin miner’s reward was cut in …

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Green Dot Links With Welcome Technologies to Bring Banking Services to Hispanic Immigrants

Green Dot Corp.’s new chief executive, Dan Henry, made no bones earlier this month about the strategic importance of the company’s bank, and now a new banking-as-a-service program from the Pasadena, Calif.-based company shows how that asset can be deployed to win the loyalty of one of America’s largest immigrant …

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As Restrictions Lift, Parking Apps Look to Serve Cooped-up Consumers Who Want Touch-Free Payments

Pundits have argued for weeks that the Covid-19 pandemic is shifting consumer payment habits away from anything that requires touching publicly available devices, and now that trend is showing up in that most mundane of activities, parking a car. To be sure, parking transactions even via a mobile app have …

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Walmart And Green Dot Beef up the MoneyCard With a New Savings Rate And Other Features

Looking to make their reloadable prepaid card more attractive as retailers and consumers alike deal with the uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic, Walmart Inc. and Green Dot Corp. on Tuesday said they are now offering a 2% rate on the Walmart MoneyCard’s associated savings account.  The rate is applicable …

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Rising Use of Digital Payments in Canada Is Likely a Permanent Trend, Interac Reports

Some results from Interac Corp. on Friday show the novel coronavirus and its attendant restrictions are pushing Canadian consumers and businesses toward digital payments, a trend the company says could have lasting effects. In April, e-Transfer transactions reached a record level at 61.3 million, according to the announcement from Interac, …

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Citcon Extends Its Reach for China-Based Wallets Via Tulip, a Tech Provider for Luxury Brands

Citcon USA LLC said Tulip Retail Inc., a provider of mobile apps used by store clerks at major retail chains, will deploy Citcon’s mobile-payments technology to enable acceptance of Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay QR. A 5-year-old startup company, Citcon specializes in enabling U.S. merchants to accept China-based mobile-payments apps. …

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In a Twist on Contactless, PayPal Rolls Out a QR Code App for Small And Occasional Sellers

In an effort to reach occasional and very small sellers struggling with restrictions imposed to deal with the novel coronavirus pandemic, PayPal Holdings Inc. on Tuesday launched a Quick Response code capability for its mobile app. The feature allows a buyer to scan a QR code displayed by a seller …

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