Tuesday , April 13, 2021

John Stewart

Starting as an editor on Bank Network News at Faulkner & Gray, John ultimately played a key role in starting, editing, and publishing many of F&G's flagship publications, including Credit Card Management, Card Technology, Card Marketing, and Collections & Credit Risk. Before co-founding Boland Hill Media, John was a group publisher at Thomson Media responsible for a $10 million division embracing magazines, newsletters, and Web sites.

Buy Now, Pay Later Reveals a ‘More Nuanced Picture,’ According to the Latest Research

The buy now, pay later capability now offered by myriad providers is sweeping the country, but may include a few drawbacks that could hinder future growth, according to a report issued Monday. Research for the report, which included a survey early this year of some 1,500 U.S. consumers, revealed that …

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A Mastercard Report Estimates As Much As 30% of the Shift to Digital Payments Is Permanent

That the shift toward digital forms of payment was accelerated by the pandemic has been duly noted over the past year, but how much of that change will stick once the U.S. market and the rest of the world gets beyond Covid? Not all of it by any means, but …

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Looking to Serve Bigger Payments, Nacha Sets a $1 Million Same-Day Limit for March 2022

Nacha on Monday announced it will raise its dollar limit on same-day transactions 10-fold to $1 million starting next March. The move, which will come only two years after the governing body for the automated clearing house network raised the cap to $100,000 from the original $25,000 limit, comes as …

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With VizyPOS, VizyPay Aims to Bring Sophisticated Analytics to Small Sellers

App-based technology for point-of-sale transactions has been a preserve of POS system providers like Square and Clover, but now smaller independent sales organizations are looking for a piece of that growing pie. Early Thursday, VizyPay LLC announced VizyPOS, an app that can control such functions as cash discounting and real-time …

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A Fingerprint Card Tech Advances After Achieving Compliance With Mastercard Specs

Card-based biometric authentication took a step forward with an announcement early Wednesday that a technology from Fingerprint Cards AB has complied with reference specifications set by Mastercard Inc. The compliance is a first for fingerprint authentication on a card, according to Sweden-based Fingerprints and Fime, an organization that consults on …

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Visa Moves ‘Beyond the Card’ With an Expansion of Visa Direct to Bank Accounts

As payments providers ramp up fast-payment capabilities that don’t depend on existing card-payment rails, pressure has mounted on the dominant U.S. card networks to enable quick transfers from senders to accounts held by receivers worldwide. Visa Inc. on Tuesday, for example, announced Visa Direct Payouts, which allows users to send …

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With USD Coin Settlement, Visa Plots a Future for Stablecoins on Its Global Network

Visa Inc. reported early Monday that after a year of preparation it has completed the first transaction involving direct settlement with a so-called stablecoin, USD Coin. The transaction, which involves a stablecoin that mirrors the U.S. dollar, allowed Crypto.com, a platform for the trading of digital currencies, to send transactions …

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Fiserv Bulks up in Integrated Payments With a Deal for Pineapple Payments

Fiserv Inc. is adding more muscle to its payments-processing business, particularly with respect to integrated payments and relationships with independent software vendors. The big financial-services technology company announced Thursday afternoon it has agreed to acquire Pineapple Payments, a 5-year-old payments processor, for undisclosed terms. The deal is expected to close …

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A Reported SEC Probe Casts a Spotlight on the Fast-Growing SPAC Trend

Photo by Rick Tap on Unsplash

News late Wednesday that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is inquiring into a newly popular alternative for going public comes as payments firms increasingly turn to the method in lieu of a traditional public offering. Reuters reported late Thursday the SEC is contacting Wall Street financial institutions to ask …

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Major Brands Lag on Mobile Acceptance Despite a Drive for Contactless, a Study Finds

After the pandemic struck a year ago, stores scrambled to install technology to support a wide range of payment options, including tap-and-pay, to reassure skittish consumers. But now a new report indicates those efforts may not have gone as far as many have assumed, particularly in the area of contactless …

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