Saturday , May 27, 2023

North American Bancard empowers customer engagement with its Payments Hub Reputation Management tool

While quality products, appropriate pricing, and a good marketing campaign are key elements of creating, growing, and sustaining a business, customer engagement is also a necessary item on the to-do list. However, this can also be the step that takes the most time, and sometimes, business owners can opt to “let the products speak for themselves.”

While this approach can work, keeping tabs on what people are saying is crucial to make sure you’re keeping your thumb on the pulse of how your business is being perceived by consumers.

Positive word of mouth (particularly those five-star reviews) can turn one-time shoppers into long-term customers and ambassadors for a brand. Therefore, staying connected in spaces like Yelp or in a Google Business profile can not only allow business owners to capitalize on and amplify good feedback, but it can also afford them the opportunity to respond to criticism in an effective way.

There are a handful of reasons why keeping up with a company’s reputation can be beneficial to your business.

  • Positive online reviews are highly valued by many search algorithms (such as Google). This can help your ranking, allowing your business to appear higher in search results.
  • Reviews and interaction prove that the company exists and is well regarded — conveying that it’s a trustworthy place to spend money.
  • Positive reviews tend to snowball into more positive reviews, and one good story will often lead to another.
  • The immediacy of online feedback can provide crucial insights to whether or not a company tactic or new product worked well or needs improvement.

To help business owners achieve these interactions, North American Bancard recently released its Payments Hub Reputation Management tool, which lets merchants connect their Google Business Profile to Payments Hub and stay up to date on customer reviews and inquiries all in one place.

The Reputation Management tool helps business owners do the following.

  • Gain insights on their company ratings and review trends.
  • Stay in the know with email alerts when reviews are posted about their business.
  • Engage with their customers with the ability to apply directly to reviews.
  • Keep tabs on what people are saying about the competition.

The Reputation Management tool is available to Payments Hub Premium users and is a great way for business owners to set their products and services apart from others in the marketplace.

Essentially, it benefits business owners to stay on top of their company’s reputation and online presence. And while that might seem like it takes more work than it’s worth, the Payments Hub Reputation Management tool takes all of the guesswork out interacting with reviews and feedback, further empowering business owners to put their best foot forward.

To start selling this great tool to your merchants, become a North American Bancard Sales Partner today! Contact NAB (888-229-5229) to learn more.

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