Monday , May 17, 2021


Revolution Payments Launches Interchange-Adjustment Service and other Digital Transactions News briefs

Payments provider Revolution Payments announced an interchange-adjustment service for business-to-business and business-to-government credit cards that automatically attaches details to each transaction that qualify the transactions for level 3 interchange rates, which are less than level 1 and level 2 rates for such transactions. Unattended-payments specialist USA Technologies Inc. announced a partnership with Premier Food Service …

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Why Have Transactions And Dollar Volume Dropped for Same-Day ACH?

So far, most observers would agree same-day ACH credit processing, introduced nearly a year ago on the nation’s automated clearing house network, has been a success. Users appear to be satisfied with the service, and risk appears to be under control, observers say, despite the shorter windows for fraud detection. …

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Durbin Repeal Effort Could Be Complicated by Nuanced Position of Some Small Banks

In the wake of a failed effort to repeal the Durbin Amendment this spring, many banks, networks, lobbying groups, and other repeal advocates are vowing to try again, as are the Congressmen who pushed the original repeal effort. But that doesn’t mean smaller banks, at least, are totally united behind …

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Visa, Mastercard Reach Surcharging Settlement in Canada

Canadian merchants that accept Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc. credit cards soon will be able to add a surcharge to some transactions following a settlement reached this week. The settlement, which stems from a 2011 class-action lawsuit against Visa, Mastercard, and a number of card-issuing banks alleging excessive fees, calls …

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House Republicans Favoring Durbin Repeal Stress Commitment to the Cause

By John Stewart @DTPaymentNews The Republican lawmakers who pushed a bill through the House of Representatives last week to radically reform the Dodd-Frank Act did so after abandoning a provision that would have repealed the Act’s Durbin Amendment. But they made it clear in floor debate on Thursday that they …

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COMMENTARY: Cut-Rate Processing Can Mean Diluted Services

By Dave Yohe Selecting the right partner to process payments is essential for organizations taking payments directly from consumers. While it might be tempting to choose the provider offering the lowest rate, the short-term gains from saving a little money can risk longer term business revenue. In the following paragraphs …

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Eleven States—But Not the DoJ—Ask the Supreme Court to Review AmEx Steering Case

By John Stewart @DTPaymentNews A landmark anti-steering case against American Express Co. is going to the U.S. Supreme Court. Attorneys general from 11 states have asked the high court to review a decision handed down in September by a federal appeals court that upheld AmEx’s policy of banning merchants from

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From the Wreckage of the Durbin Repeal Effort, Will ‘Son of Repeal’ Emerge?

The decision to strip repeal of the Durbin Amendment from a Dodd-Frank overhaul bill puts a brake on the movement to get rid of the amendment’s debit card rules, but that may not necessarily be the end of the matter. Leading advocates for repeal vow to keep fighting, while a …

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Surcharging Ahead

Merchants like programs that cover their credit card acceptance costs. So do ISOs and acquirers, some of which see a big opportunity in programs that help merchants with surcharging. Surcharging for credit card transactions or offering a cash discount may have obvious benefits for merchants, but these programs also carry …

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