Thursday , November 26, 2020

ACH-Based GasBuddy Payment Service Marks 300,000-Plus Users

GasBuddy LLC, the fuel-price comparison service, said Monday more than 300,000 U.S. drivers have enrolled in Pay with GasBuddy, its fuel-discount program that uses the automated clearing house for transactions.

Launched last year, Pay with GasBuddy connects a consumer’s checking account with a GasBuddy-issued card. After enrolling in the service and linking the checking account in the GasBuddy app, consumers receive a Pay with GasBuddy card in the mail. To pay, they swipe this card at the pump.

Users can receive a 5-cent-per-gallon discount when paying with the GasBuddy service. Or, they could choose to earn points in the Shop Your Way loyalty program offered by Sears Holdings Corp. These points can be used to make purchases within the program and receive discounts.

Boston-based GasBuddy said purchase volume made with the card has surpassed $73 million since its September launch. This equated to more than $2 million in savings to users. Pay with GasBuddy consumers filled up with nearly 30 million gallons of gas in 2.5 million transactions.

Pay with GasBuddy is especially popular in Texas, Florida, California, Illinois, and Ohio. Top fueling stations are Shell, Speedway, Murphy USA, BP, and QuikTrip, GasBuddy said.

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