Monday , June 21, 2021

Reach your true potential as an NAB Integrated Partner


At North American Bancard, our promise is to deliver a frictionless partner experience, providing innovation and savings to your merchants, and maximizing your revenue.

With our flexible Partnership Programs, you choose your level of investment and risk. Whatever arrangement you’re seeking, from Referral Partnerships to white-labeled ISV direct sales, we’ll help you find the best program for you based on:

  • Vertical market and user base.
  • Average customer size.
  • Customer acquisition and user support channels.
  • PCI compliance, QSA expenses, and more.

Tap into some of the most competitive Revenue Sharing Programs around, featuring big-time bonuses, reliable residuals, and satisfying spiffs. You’ll access additional revenue buckets including optional PCI compliance and statement fees. Then, there’s our Edge Program (Cash Discount + Flat Rate Pricing), which allows you to earn approximately 2.5x the average, non-Edge residual!

You’ll get access to our online Sales Partner Portal to view your portfolio details, submit applications, access merchant details including deployment and support ticket tracking, and so much more.

Meanwhile, your merchants will enjoy seamless enrollment in just minutes with minimal paperwork, frictionless, PCI-compliant processing, acceptance for all payment types and environments, and continuous uptimes. While we’re ecommerce experts, we are also equally adept at providing solutions for brick-and-mortar payments, accepting payments made over the phone or through the mail, and mobile payment acceptance.

We offer merchants access to the latest payment devices, including solutions from Ingenico and MagTek, and a full lineup of PAX Smart Terminals. Some of them are even available at no charge. We also deliver simplified customer, employee, inventory, and dispute management, while providing the option to accept payments via: ethernet, 4G, wifi, or Bluetooth. We offer the peace of mind that comes from certified point-to-point encryption and tokenization, and partnering with a full-service, front- and back-end processor who oversees the entire payments process for transactions with fewer points of failure.

At NAB, we’re not worried about shareholders on Wall Street. After all, we’re privately owned, and we’re continuously training on evolving technology for the sole purpose of helping our partners and merchants grow their businesses. Let us give you the ISVIP treatment.

  • Dedicated vs. pooled 24-hour support.
  • Your very own Executive Relationship Manager (ERM) for qualifying projects.
  • Project managers and QA specialists.
  • Integration team leads and developers.
  • Access to senior leadership.
  • Proactive program evaluation and recommendations through regular business reviews.

Since just January of 2020, we have helped one Integrated Partner achieve unprecedented growth.

  • A 36x increase in processing volume.
  • 15x portfolio growth.
  • 190 new accounts each month.
  • $42.3M in sales processed.

Now, it’s time to see what NAB can do for you.

Ultimately, as a full, end-to-end payments processing platform, we can do it all. Our unrivaled tech stack delivers omnichannel solutions in any vertical and every environment.

We’ve done seamless 3rd party integrations by the dozens for recognizable names throughout the payments industry.

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