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Processing Execs Push ISOs to Adopt New Thinking on Topics From Pricing to Technology

A panel of processing executives on Thursday sought to shake an audience of merchant-sales representatives out of traditional ways of thinking about critical matters ranging from pricing to new technology. In some cases, years-old tactics came under attack. “How many of you are giving a free terminal away and competing …

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ISVs Aren’t Likely to Elbow ISOs Aside Any Time Soon, a Panel of Acquirers Argues

With the rise of the independent software vendor, do traditional independent sales organizations still have a role to play—and if they do, what is it? That question may have been unthinkable a few years ago, but now some observers see ISVs shoving ISOs aside as they code new applications for …

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New Data Helps ISOs Court SMB E-Commerce Merchants in the Top U.S. Cities

Acquirers wanting to tap into the ever-growing number of e-commerce merchants, especially small businesses, might do well to target a handful of U.S. cities with large bases of retail entrepreneurs. E-commerce platform provider Volusion released this week a list of the top 10 cities based on volume of merchants and …

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Surcharging Programs May Appeal to Merchants, But ISOs And Acquirers Like Them, Too

Offering a surcharging or cash-discounting program to merchants has obvious revenue benefits to merchants, but they have the potential to grow an independent sales organization’s or acquirer’s bottom line, too. Such programs enable merchants to cover their costs to accept credit card transactions by adding a fee to the purchase …

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ISOs, ISVs, And the New World of Integrated Payments

Increasingly, merchant demands for payments capability integrated with inventory control, order management, and myriad other point-of-sale functions are forcing independent sales organizations and independent software vendors to collaborate. In this webinar, learn how and why ISOs and ISVs are working together and how this collaboration can be made to work …

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Square Reports Strong Quarter; Could the Future Include Deals With ISOs?

By Jim Daly@DTPaymentNews Square Inc.’s gross payment volume rose 34% year-over-year in the fourth quarter, generating strong revenues and other financial metrics despite large merchants accounting for a bigger share of volume. The San Francisco-based merchant processor late Wednesday afternoon also gave an upbeat outlook for 2017, all of which …

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TMS Adds Its Groovv POS System to Its Free-Hardware Program for Merchants And ISOs

Independent sales organization Total Merchant Services Inc. has added its Groovv POS system to its free hardware program, a move that places all of its products in the program. Prior to this week’s announcement, only point-of-sale terminals were part of the program, says Woodland Hills, Calif.-based TMS. This should make it …

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New Federal Trade-Secret Law Could Prove To Be a Double-Edged Sword for ISOs

Every business, including merchant processors and independent sales organizations, wants to protect its trade secrets, and a new federal law gives them stronger tools to do that than available before. But the law also could expose ISOs to damages should they unwittingly hire sales representatives who use somebody else’s stolen …

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