Thursday , July 9, 2020

Does your POS partner help you close sales?

As technology drives us into a new era of retailing, merchants are starting to view the omnichannel experience as necessity over novelty, and with that, comes high expectations for the newest streamlined POS solutions.  Fortunately for the MLS and ISO community, Electronic Payments is invested in something greater than just engineering. And while Silicon Valley and private equity businesses remain focused on product development, they’re not invested in the overall merchant experience.

Don’t get us wrong. The ability to scale in the fintech arena is imperative to remain relevant. We have to meet ALL merchant expectations in order to achieve wealth and success in this industry, and Electronic Payments can help you do so! If your POS software is not releasing new updates and features on a frequent basis, you’ll need to answer some uncomfortable questions. You should see ongoing improvements and profitable features in your POS offering, such as support for Cash Discounting. A solution like Exatouch®, Electronic Payments’ proprietary point of sale, publishes monthly software release notes to ensure our sales partners remain up to speed on product advancements. Today’s merchants run from stagnation, and tools like these make it easier to sell, consult, and remain engaged with clients long-term.

If your POS partner does not provide access to their internal Sales Engineer Specialists for ongoing training and product demonstrations, then you’re missing out on the most valuable sales resource for your business. Exatouch’s dedicated Sales Engineers provide a direct line into the heart of the marketplace, keeping you on top of industry trends, features in high demand, and product updates.  Furthermore, they address merchant network requirements, hardware upgrades and pricing, as well as close negotiations by navigating the entire sales cycle. They handle objections, properly set expectations, and make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities due to a lack of product or industry intel. At the end of the day, your POS partner should enhance your consultative skills and empower you become a true business advisor in order to capture more business.

In today’s POS environment, the merchant/agent relationship doesn’t end after the sale. After all, the hard work begins after the merchant signs on the dotted line. Make sure that your POS partner oversees the entire setup – from menu/inventory builds and software imaging to deployment and 24/7 in-house technical support. By doing so, you can expedite all setups and handle escalated circumstances as they arise. Electronic Payments manages our own inventory, provisioning and shipping, allowing us to address warranty issues with the utmost speed and keep your merchants up and running. This level of involvement indicates a provider’s dedication to your success, as opposed to those who simply sustain engineering and cultivate their own bottom line.

Adapting to merchant needs is the only way to survive these changing retail times, and it takes more than just innovation to harness true success. If your POS partners are not helping you throughout the entire sales and discovery process, contact Electronic Payments at 800-966-5520, ext. 223, to see how we can grow your point of sale business and ensure that you’ll always be closing!

Keith Ashcraft, Director of Corporate Recruiting | 800-966-5520, ext. 223 |

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