Saturday , June 6, 2020

PIN-on-Mobile Specialist MyPINPad Secures a Spot on the Thales Hardware Security Module

MyPINPad Ltd., developer of software-based PIN-pad technology, said Wednesday its technology is now embedded in the latest software release of the Thales payShield 9000 hardware security module.

Often called PIN-on-mobile, the software from London-based MyPINPad enables secure PIN-pad transactions on consumer-grade mobile devices. Formerly, such transactions only were possible on payments-specific devices like countertop point-of-sale terminals. The appeal for such technology is that merchants can use consumer-level mobile devices for POS PIN transactions without having dedicated hardware. Sometimes, the tech is known as PIN-on-glass, and defined more broadly than PIN-on-mobile, which MyPINPad, in a blog post, says is the tech that enables consumer, off-the-shelf devices to be used for secure payment acceptance instead of a dedicated payment terminal.

The PCI Security Standards Council published the PIN-on-glass standard earlier this year. While allowing software-based PIN entry, the standard calls for a hardened chip reader, a so-called “secure card reader for PIN,” as well as special software for PIN entry on a mobile device.

A demonstration of MyPINPad’s software-based PIN-pad technology on a smart phone. (Image credit: MyPINPad)

MyPINPad says the Thales payShield 9000 HSM is used in an estimated 80% of payment card transactions. HSMs provide PIN protection and validation, transactions processing, mobile and payment card issuance, and key management, Paris-based Thales says.

MyPINPad’s tech will be installed on all new payShield 9000 HSMs and added to existing ones via a firmware update. The integration allows payShield 9000 users to support future versions of “PIN on mobile,” as MyPINPad labels the technology, such as a downloadable POS terminal.

Earlier this year, POS terminal maker Ingenico Group began testing MyPINPad technology in Europe.

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