Tuesday , January 16, 2018


The Debit Card, Long ‘the King of Payments,’ Finds Itself Under Siege, Expert Says

For decades, debit cards have been reliable revenue generators and relationship builders for financial institutions of all sizes. But now that bulwark for banks is under threat from multiple alternatives, putting financial-services executives on the defensive and forcing them to rethink their card strategies, argues a new paper out this …

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A Merchant Focus Tops Tech Savvy in Integrated POS Systems Sales, A New Report Says

Marketers of integrated, cloud-based point-of-sale systems take note. It’s not enough to have full-featured service replete with multiple functions. It also takes a sales approach that is responsive and knowledgeable. That may sound like common-sense idea, but it’s one that has been vetted by The Strawhecker Group in its “The …

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A Ten-Fold Boom in Mobile P2P Will Reward Providers But Also Build Pressure for Fees

Now that financial institutions have launched a digital peer-to-peer payment service called Zelle to battle popular nonbank services like Venmo, the rival platforms are likely to divide up a rapidly growing market but will also face pressure to find ways to charge for the service. While overall U.S. P2P dollar …

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AmEx Exits Prepaid Card Program Management With Platform Sale to InComm

The pending sale by American Express Co. of its Serve technology platform to prepaid card program manager InComm moves AmEx more toward the model used by most other general-purpose prepaid card issuers and still keeps the upscale AmEx brand involved in a business mostly oriented toward moderate- and lower-income consumers, …

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Cryptocurrencies Tumble in Value As Capacity And Acceptance Issues Dog Bitcoin

The overall value of the world’s most important digital currencies nose-dived over the weekend as developers and exchanges struggled with key questions related to transaction capacity, merchant acceptance, and other market dynamics. The 11 largest currencies by market capitalization lost 18% of their total value between midnight Friday and early …

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