Monday , January 22, 2018

John Stewart

Starting as an editor on Bank Network News at Faulkner & Gray, John ultimately played a key role in starting, editing, and publishing many of F&G's flagship publications, including Credit Card Management, Card Technology, Card Marketing, and Collections & Credit Risk. Before co-founding Boland Hill Media, John was a group publisher at Thomson Media responsible for a $10 million division embracing magazines, newsletters, and Web sites.

Letting Users Pay Merchants With Venmo Could Spur New Revenue From a New Crowd

PayPal Holdings Inc. has been talking for more than a year about allowing users of its popular Venmo person-to-person payments app to use the app to pay merchants. On Tuesday, the payments company threw the door wide open for Venmo, announcing it can now be used to pay at as …

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Eye on Cross-Border Payments: BBVA Launches App-Based Transfers; Glance ‘s License

Money transfers took a step toward app-based processing on Monday with news that BBVA is launching a service that will let persons in the United States use their smart phones to send money to recipients in Mexico. Later, the service will expand to the Caribbean and the rest of Latin …

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They May Not Like the Terms, But Issuers Will Likely Re-Up for Apple Pay

The first big wave of Apple Pay contracts are expiring this month, and a big question for both Apple Inc. and the financial institutions that committed to support the computing giant’s mobile-payments app is whether to renew, and under what terms, in the face of less-than-spectacular results for mobile payments …

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Unstoppable? Shrugging off Setbacks, Bitcoin Rallies to Crash the $5,000 Price Barrier

Bitcoin’s remarkable ride continued early Thursday as the world’s most valuable digital currency broke through the $5,000 level and reached an all-time high price just over $5,200, according to Bitcoin had been flirting with the $5,000 barrier for weeks, and indeed briefly broke through it early in September on some …

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P2P Payments Generate ‘Lots of Hype And No Results’ for Small Banks, Report Indicates

Financial institutions wearied of seeing nonbanks scoop up more and more of the digital person-to-person payments business, so they’ve begun offering the service themselves. But a report released Wednesday indicates those efforts aren’t panning out all that well, at least for mid-sized and smaller institutions. “Lots of hype and no …

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Smart Checkout Is Advancing, But Getting Rid of the Checkout Will Take a While

Ever since ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft came along, processors and merchants have been captivated by the idea of running transactions entirely in the background, without any checkout. That concept will emerge over time, but in different forms and not necessarily with checkout-less experiences, according to research released Tuesday. …

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A Canadian Startup Mates Contactless With Cryptocurrency in a Fledgling Wallet

With Bitcoin trading at $4,300 and Ethereum at $300, most of the attention in the payments world has been on the cryptocurrencies’ value as an investment rather than as a payment method. Now, a year-old Toronto-based startup hopes to change that by enabling contactless point-of-sale transactions using Ether, the Ethereum …

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Processing Execs Push ISOs to Adopt New Thinking on Topics From Pricing to Technology

A panel of processing executives on Thursday sought to shake an audience of merchant-sales representatives out of traditional ways of thinking about critical matters ranging from pricing to new technology. In some cases, years-old tactics came under attack. “How many of you are giving a free terminal away and competing …

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