Monday , March 25, 2019

A Look Back at 2018’s 10 Most Popular Digital Transactions Posts

Fraud, acquisitions, and interchange dominated the top 10 list of news articles posted to in 2018. Starting with a $6.2 billion pact between Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc., on one hand, and defendant banks, on the other, stemming from 13-year-old litigation over credit card interchange, to American Express Co.’s announcement it would shave its discount rate, the top 10 list highlights the centrality of pricing.

Other top stories looked at ways to grow revenue, such as the payoff acquirers earned from boosting their integrated payments efforts and how surcharging may aid merchant acceptance of payment cards.

Read the list of the top 10 posts from 2018:

No. 10

A $6.2 Billion Pact May Be Only a Prelude to Difficult Haggling Ahead for Merchants And the Card Networks


No. 9

An Airline Group Is Developing a Payment System That Would Bypass the Card Networks



No. 8

Visa Says It, Too, Will Make Signatures Optional for North American EMV POS



N0. 7

Kroger’s Foods Co Lobs a Grenade at Visa in the Ongoing Guerrilla War Over Card-Acceptance Costs


No. 6

Worldpay Shoots to Top U.S. Merchant Acquirer Spot As Integrated Software Model Takes Over


No. 5

American Express Will Shave Its Discount Rates To Grow Merchant Acceptance



No. 4

Heartland Accuses Former CEO Carr of Giving Girlfriend Money for Improper Stock Purchase; Carr Calls It a ‘Smear Campaign’


No. 3

Surcharging Is the Wave of the Future, ISO Executives Say


No. 2

NCR To Take a Direct Role in Payments With its Pending $184 Million Acquisition of JetPay



No. 1

After an Initial Hit, PNC Bank Cuts Its Zelle P2P Fraud


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