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June, 2006

  • 28 June

    Pressure Builds in Congress To Address Data-Security Breaches

    With the loss or theft of computerized personal information making headlines almost daily, lawmakers are scrambling for solutions for what is shaping up to be the 21st Century's hottest non-violent crime. More than a dozen bills that would put new requirements on banks and other entities with access to sensitive …

  • 28 June

    Will 1,000 Philly Coke Machines Usher Contactless into Vending?

    Some 1,000 Coca-Cola vending machines in Philadelphia will be equipped with contactless-payment technology over the next four weeks, and will all be accepting contactless tokens for payment by the end of July, according to USA Technologies Inc., the Malvern, Pa.-based company whose e-Port radio-frequency device is being used with the …

  • 27 June

    Yodlee Takes Its Web-Based Approach Beyond Online Bill Payment

    On the heels of an online-bill payment product it introduced last week that allows consumers to pay with credit cards, Yodlee Inc. on Tuesday introduced a Web-based tool that competes with personal-finance software and lets consumers pay bills and transfer funds. “We're capitalizing on the convergence between online banking and …

  • 26 June

    Visa, U.S. Chamber Launch Multi-City Data-Security Tour

    Some 34% of small merchants invest more in locking down products and cash in their stores than in securing customer data, while the proportion doing the opposite is one-fifth, according to survey results released Monday. In addition, though 64% of the merchants say they had taken steps within the last …

  • 22 June

    Wachovia Exposes Latest Card Fraud, But More Banks Likely Ensnared

    Wachovia Corp., some of whose debit card holders have been victimized by a data breach that happened several months ago, began sending notices and replacement cards to those customers recently because it began to see signs of fraud after months of monitoring the accounts, the bank says. Although Wachovia's action …

  • 21 June

    Tech-Savvy Scheme Loots Millions from Montreal Debit Accounts

    Canadian police arrested 10 people Tuesday they say used rigged card terminals to intercept PINs as cardholders entered them at the point of sale as part of a scheme in which they stole $4 million (Canadian) from 18,000 customer bank accounts. More arrests are expected, according to the authorities. In …

  • 21 June

    With New Web Service, Xoom Targets the Giants of Money Transfer

    Armed with $15 million in new venture capital, San Francisco-based Xoom Corp. is embarking on the next phase of its growth plan: selling Internet-based money-transfer services to banks, retailers and smaller money-transfer operators (MTOs) that can put their own brands on them and sell them to consumers. Founded in 2002, …

  • 21 June

    Chase Adds Contactless Technology to 1.8 Million Visa Debit Cards

    JPMorgan Chase & Co., the largest issuer of contactless credit cards in the country with 7 million in circulation, is now adding contactless payment technology to its debit cards. The banking giant, which brands its contactless cards “blink,” has plans to re-issue 1.8 million debit cards with the Visa mark …

  • 20 June

    Observers Split over How Much Google Will Compete with PayPal

    With online search giant Google Inc. reportedly a week away from launching its long-expected payment service, observers differ on the question of whether the service will allow merchants to accept electronic payments on their own sites or be limited to Google's own platforms, especially the rapidly growing Google Base online …

  • 19 June

    An Online Boom: Phishing Numbers Hit New Highs in May

    The number of unique phishing attacks and the population of Web sites involved in the online fraud both hit all-time highs in May, following a disturbing trend of dramatic month-to-month increases since late 2005, according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group. Reports of unique attacks?discrete e-mail blasts sent to consumers by …

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