Friday , May 17, 2024

Blackhawk Network Launches eGiftcard Platform

With more merchants embracing omnichannel sales strategies that blend brick-and-mortar and e-commerce shopping, Blackhawk Network Inc. is enabling merchants to sell digital gift cards in-store. 

With Blackhawk’s eGift card platform, merchants can engage customers at multiple marketing touchpoints throughout the store, such as gift card racks and gift card displays at checkout.

Consumers can purchase digital gift cards in the store by using a mobile phone to scan a Quick Response code on the rack of a gift card mall or on additional signage throughout the store. After scanning the code, a consumer can browse and select a card for purchase on her mobile phone. A barcode is presented to complete the purchase in real time at checkout. 

So far, Blackhawk’s eGift card platform is available at OXXO convenience stores in Mexico. OXXO has more than 18,000 stores across Latin America. Blackhawk says it plans to expand rollout later this year, without being more specific. 

“Following the acceleration of new retail and purchasing trends in 2020, seamless omnichannel experiences are more critical than ever for retailers. By enabling retailers to bring digital products, like eGifts, and alternative payment methods in-store, we’re poised to help our partners meet this demand,” Helena Mao, vice president of global product strategy for the Blackhawk Network, says in a prepared statement. “Expanding innovative payment and gifting solutions in global markets will continue to be a critical focus area for Blackhawk in 2021 and beyond.”

With the global gift card market projected to grow more than 15% over the next seven years and sales of eGift cards outpacing sales of physical gift cards, Blackhawk’s  platform provides merchants with more options to drive gift card sales, the company says.

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