Monday , October 22, 2018

John Stewart

Starting as an editor on Bank Network News at Faulkner & Gray, John ultimately played a key role in starting, editing, and publishing many of F&G's flagship publications, including Credit Card Management, Card Technology, Card Marketing, and Collections & Credit Risk. Before co-founding Boland Hill Media, John was a group publisher at Thomson Media responsible for a $10 million division embracing magazines, newsletters, and Web sites.

Checks Still Have Life in Them, But Do Banks Hold the Key to Killing Them off?

For years, experts have predicted electronic payments would finally turn the check into an historical artifact. But data released last year indicate that the long-term decline in check volume has slowed, and now experts are trying to figure out why and what the ultimate check-killer will be. When the Federal …

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Only a Year After Admitting Credit Cards, Aldi Says It Will Accept Contactless Payments

The Aldi Inc. supermarket chain, which only last year began accepting credit cards, said in a press release on Thursday it now “accepts all forms of contactless payment,” including Apple Inc.’s Apple Pay and Alphabet Inc.’s Android Pay mobile wallets. The Batavia, Ill.-based company has already activated contactless payments chainwide, …

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The Debit Card, Long ‘the King of Payments,’ Finds Itself Under Siege, Expert Says

For decades, debit cards have been reliable revenue generators and relationship builders for financial institutions of all sizes. But now that bulwark for banks is under threat from multiple alternatives, putting financial-services executives on the defensive and forcing them to rethink their card strategies, argues a new paper out this …

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Why Aliant Payment Systems Is Getting Set To Apply the ISO Model to Bitcoin Acceptance

Years ago, when banks wanted to sign up more merchants for credit card acceptance, they turned to non-bank third parties to sell the service. Now, these same third parties are starting to sell Bitcoin acceptance along with credit and debit cards. Aliant Payment Systems Inc., a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based independent …

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A Year After Same-Day Credits, the ACH Gets Set to Launch Same-Day Debits Friday

The nation’s automated clearing house network launches same-day clearing and settlement on Friday for debit transactions, and top officials at NACHA say the Herndon, Va.-based network administrator is making final preparations. “We’re looking forward to tomorrow,” Jane Larimer, chief operating officer and general counsel at NACHA, told Digital Transactions News …

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High-End Merchants Look to Cash in on Wealth Effect From Run-up in Bitcoin’s Value

Bitcoin has taken a beating in recent days, but investors who bought earlier this year are still enjoying handsome returns. Now, some merchants of high-end goods are signing up to accept the virtual currency, hoping to cash in on that wealth effect. Bitcoin was trading at $3,498 early Thursday morning, …

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‘Not a Good Day’ at Equifax As Payment Implications Emerge from a Huge Data Hack

In the hours after credit-reporting giant Equifax Inc. disclosed a massive data breach, consumers and businesses were left scrambling Friday to piece together the implications. But a range of consequences could affect Equifax itself as the Atlanta-based company struggles to recover from an epic hack that affected potentially 143 million …

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