Saturday , March 25, 2023

Shell In-Car Payments Come to Fiat Chrysler Dashboards

Consumers motoring in their Dodge Challengers and Ram pickup trucks are now able to pay for fuel at participating Shell Oil Co. gas stations from inside their vehicles using the vehicles’ infotainment systems.

Shell announced Fiat Chrysler automobiles with Uconnect Market enabled will have access to the Shell Pay & Save function. This enables consumers, once they’ve enrolled via the Uconnect Market online site, to find, select, and pay for fuel at Shell stations. The motorist will still have to pump his or her own gas, except in New Jersey, where self-serve pumping is not permitted. The application is available in eligible Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles beginning with the 2019 and 2020 model years. 

The Shell in-car payment icon is seen in the dashboard of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Motorists tap the Shell icon in the Uconnect Market app to find a station. Clicking the location bar once a list of stations is presented reveals which ones accept mobile payments—they’re tagged “Mobile Pay.” “We designed it this way because we wanted all Shell stations to be discoverable, and then we wanted to provide an additional element to let customers know if it’s mobile-pay enabled,” Alberto Rivas, Shell head of North America marketing technology, says in an email to Digital Transactions News.

The Shell Uconnect Market service also works with the rewards program at Shell, which can automatically discount fuel purchases in many instances. The payment and rewards transactions happen simultaneously. Consumers also earn rewards on their Shell purchases made via Uconnect Market.

Inclusion in Uconnect Market makes sense for Shell because it offers consumers improved speed, convenience, value, and security, Rivas says.

“Our goal is to ensure every customer enjoys an improved and rewarding experience whenever and wherever they interact with the Shell brand,” Rivas says. “As connected vehicles become more prevalent, our retail sites must be primed to champion innovative digital technology. We are taking the opportunity to be a leader in the connected consumer era, and Shell is thrilled to join Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to provide an exceptional driver experience at Shell stations.”

FCA last year launched its Uconnect Market commerce platform, which includes apps for vehicle service, food, parking, and a wallet for storing payment information. It was developed with Xevo Inc., which is owned by Lear Corp., a Southfield, Mich.-based firm. Xevo also had a role in the GM Marketplace in-car commerce app. Shell’s in-car service also is available in the GM Marketplace.

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