Thursday , October 17, 2019

PIN-on-Glass Technology Will Be Deployed In an Ingenico Test With MyPINPad

Point-of-sale terminal maker Ingenico Group will test the PIN-on-glass specification in conjunction with MyPINPad and its software-based PIN-pad technology, MyPINPad announced Thursday.

The PCI Security Standards Council released its specification for PIN-on-glass in January, enabling payments companies to provide PIN entry on commercially available, off-the-shelf devices like smart phones and tablets. The technology also is known as PIN-on-mobile.

In the tests, which will happen in Europe where PIN entry is much more common than in the United States because of the widespread use of chip-and-PIN cards, London-based MyPINPad’s MPES software-based PIN pad will be integrated in Ingenico’s payment processing and existing infrastructure. The first test is expected to begin midyear.

The appeal for such technology is that merchants would be able to use consumer-level mobile devices for POS PIN transactions without having dedicated hardware. The software specification ensures the integrity of the PIN.

“Together we have produced a pioneering payment solution that is designed to meet scheme requirements,” David Poole, MyPINPad global head of mobile POS solutions, said in a press release. “We know that ubiquitous smart devices have a significant role to play in powering the growth of card acceptance points and we expect to lead that drive. [PIN-on-mobile] has the potential to become the most widespread form of face-to-face payment authentication.”

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