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February, 2004

  • 3 February

    First Data Says It Will Fight Hard for Concord Debit Business

    First Data Corp. officals vowed today they expect to fight hard to add to the debit business of Concord EFS Inc., the debit processor First Data is buying for $6.9 billion. In a meeting with securities analysts to present 2003 full-year and fourth-quarter results, First Data chairman and chief executive …

  • 2 February

    Wells Mortgage Unit Makes Fast Progress on Electronic Payments

    In a sign of how fast an organization can convert paper transactions to electronic, the National Automated Clearing House Association announced today that the home-mortgage unit of Wells Fargo & Co. will process 88% of its payments electronically in the first quarter, up from 36% only a year ago and …

  • 2 February

    A New ETA Program Reaches out to Merchant-Level Salespeople

    The Electronic Transactions Association announced today new initiatives intended to appeal to individual merchant-level sales agents. Traditionally a trade organization for larger ISOs and acquirers, the Washington, D.C.-based ETA says it will give merchant-level salespeople access to ETA products, services, and conferences at reduced rates. While association membership is open …

January, 2004

  • 30 January

    MBNA-AmEx Deal Helps Them More Than It Hurts the Bank Networks

    The card-issuing alliance American Express Co. and MBNA Corp. announced yesterday will benefit the two financial-services companies more than it will hurt Visa and MasterCard, some observers note. Although MBNA, second only to Citigroup Inc. as a credit card issuer, has already said it will seek to convert current cardholders …

  • 29 January

    MyDoom Hardly Makes a Dent in Web Performance

    MyDoom, characterized by many experts as one of the most virulent viruses ever to hit the Internet, has had only a slight impact on Web transaction speed and page availability, according to Keynote Systems Inc., a San Mateo, Calif., company that measures Web site performance. Keynote analysts credit the nature …

  • 29 January

    A Visa Member Letter Touches off A Debit Card Debate

    A brief reference to a rival debit card network in a recent document sent from Visa USA Inc. to its members has raised the hackles of the co-founder of that network and embroiled him in a debate with Visa USA chief executive Carl Pascarella over the risk associated with debit …

  • 28 January

    Continental Aims at a 20% Expansion of Its Kiosk Network

    Already the second-largest deployer of electronic ticketing machines at airports, Continental Airlines Inc. plans to add another 150 units this year, including some at international destinations. The first airline to deploy self-service ticketing kiosks nine years ago, Continental now has 779 online at 130 domestic airports, trailing only Delta Air …

  • 27 January

    Yankee Group Charts the Rise of Outsourced Network Security

    As network security managers scramble today to combat the so-called MyDoom virus, one of the most malicious network attacks security experts have seen yet, the Boston-based consulting firm Yankee Group has released a report predicting that the frequency and virulence of such incidents will create a flourishing new market in …

  • 27 January

    A New Online Processor Charts An Ambitious Course

    Digency Inc., an El Dorado Hills, Calif.-based third-party processing startup specializing in Internet payments, has begun processing transactions for a handful of merchants and now looks to execute an ambitious business plan that calls for the company to earn $13 million in fee revenue in 2004 from some 240 online …

  • 23 January

    AmEx Looks to Have Its First Bank Issuer by Year’s End

    American Express Co. says it will be a matter of “months,” not “years,” until banks in the United States are issuing the company's card products now that the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals has thrown out a motion from Visa International Corp., Visa USA Inc., and MasterCard International Inc. …