Friday , May 14, 2021

Visa Teams Up With SiriusXM in the Latest Connected-Car Development

The new year is only a week old, but it’s already looking to be a strong one for dashboard payments. On Monday, Visa Inc. and SiriusXM Connected Vehicles Services Inc. said they plan to offer the SiriusXM e-wallet to auto manufacturers that deploy SiriusXM’s connected-vehicle services. 

The Visa-SiriusXM announcement followed by a few days news of petroleum retailer Phillips 66 Co.’s tie-up with Honda Motor Co. Inc. that will allow customers to find the nearest gas station, claim a pump, and pay for fuel from the infotainment system in their cars.

The SiriusXM wallet will allow drivers and passengers with Visa accounts to shop and pay for coffee, find and pre-pay for gas, locate and pay for parking, purchase movie tickets, pay tolls, and more, according to Visa. “Users will activate and authenticate payment with their Visa account using biometric authentication, like voice and touchscreen commands, to eliminate driver distractions during the transaction,” Visa said in a news release.

The wallet runs on Visa and SiriusXM application programming interfaces as well as the Visa Token Service for data security. Tokenization substitutes card account numbers with digital strings of data useless to fraudsters.

“Our work with Visa is a significant step in establishing the next generation of vehicle-to-everything connectivity, transforming the vehicle into a ‘hub’ that provides for real-time, convenient transactional services to drivers and passengers,” John Jasper, senior vice president at SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services, said in the release.

SiriusXM Connected Vehicles Services is a subsidiary of New York City-based satellite radio services provider Sirius XM Holdings Inc. Multiple automotive brands offer SiriusXM systems in their vehicles.

Visa and SiriusXM announced their pair-up at the Consumer Telematics Show, an automotive-industry conference in Las Vegas.

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