Tuesday , October 26, 2021

Stripe Adds Customer Experience Integration And Provides a Buy Button for MailChimp

ActiveCampaign, a customer-experience automation provider, is teaming with Stripe Inc. and PayPal Holdings Inc. to integrate its software in the platforms of both payment providers. The integrations will enable merchants to connect their Stripe or PayPal accounts to ActiveCampaign through native integrations and use payer data to coordinate personalized customer experiences based on real-time billing events and transactions. 

Customer-experience automation is typically used to improve service by automatically sending consumers email or text messages triggered by a specific action, such as a purchase. The technology can increase engagement and boost retention.

Merchants using Stripe and PayPal to accept payments can leverage ActiveCampaign’s platform to set up automatic customer communications triggered by specific events, such as order confirmation or when a transaction fails. Merchants can also set up automated, personalized post-purchase communications with their customers to cross-sell related items, such as accessories. 

In addition, merchants sending out customer newsletters can generate automated messages to find out why the customer unsubscribed and entice them to resubscribe. Merchants can also track customer engagement to further personalize automated marketing messages for frequent shoppers, as well as customers that may not have purchased in a few months.

Sise: “As businesses grow, it’s hard for them to manually maintain contact with customers.”

“As businesses grow, it’s hard for them to manually maintain contact with customers through their customer touchpoints,” says Bryan Sise, vice president of product marketing for ActiveCampaign. “Customer-experience automation allows businesses to grow through personalized messages that are triggered by customer actions.” 

Stripe user CG Academy, a Prague-based provider of computer-graphic interface courses and workshops for architecture students and designers, for example, uses customer engagement automation to follow up with its students post-registration.

“The ActiveCampaign integration with Stripe enables me to capture and act on payment events instantly from one, single platform,” Oleg Maslovskiy, founder of CG Academy, said in a prepared statement. 

CG Academy uses Stripe to manage the processing and billing of its courses. In related news, Stripe announced a new partnership with Mailchimp, an email-marketing platform. The deal will allow Mailchimp users to add a buy button to their Web site that enables a consumer to make a purchase through Stripe. Users will be able to accept payments in 41 countries and more than 135 currencies.

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