Monday , June 21, 2021

QR Code Use Popularity and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 4/20/21

  • Some 83% of consumers said they had used a QR code in the past year to make a payment or complete a financial transaction, with 54% of those persons saying they had used a QR code for those purposes for the first time in only the past three months. Still, just 39% said they could identify a malicious QR code, according to a survey of 4,157 consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and Japan by Ivanti Inc., provider of anti-fraud technology for mobile devices.
  • Founded in 2014, payments provider Fattmerchant has changed its name to Stax. The rebranding comes with an overhaul of the user interface of the company’s desktop app and a new version of its mobile app.
  • Payments provider BlueSnap Inc. said it will process transactions for subscription-billing specialist Chargebee Inc.
  • Adyen NV has agreed to process point-of-sale and e-commerce payments for travel-and-dining specialist NDM Hospitality at its brands in Florida.
  • Open-banking provider MX Technologies Inc. will facilitate account verification and money movement for payments platform Moov Financial Inc.
  • Payments-technology provider Sphere said it is working with medical-office software provider Raintree Systems Inc. to add broader payment functionality, including omnichannel payments.
  • Apto Payments launched an instant-issuance platform to enable merchants and financial institutions to issue debit cards with short development times.
  • Gilded Inc. announced it has introduced Mass Pay, a service that lets businesses pay up to 500 employees at the same time in cryptocurrency, specifically Ethereum-based tokens, including stablecoins.
  • Office-space provider WeWork Companies Inc. said it now accepts payment in a variety of cryptocurrencies through processor BitPay Inc. In addition, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Inc., a WeWork user, will use crypto to pay for its membership.

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