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November, 2003

  • 6 November

    Web-Based Drivers’ License Renewal May Be Coming

    The state of Washington, home to Microsoft Corp. and and considered one of the most digitally advanced states in the country, has passed the 1 million mark in electronic transactions on its Web site, and plans next to allow citizens to renew their drivers' licenses online. According to an …

  • 4 November

    Early Results Look Good for AmEx’s RF Payment Pilot

    American Express Co.'s experiment with contactless payment based on keyfobs in and around Phoenix, in progress since July, is expanding into more locations and apparently meeting with merchant and consumer approval. The ExpressPay program, which puts small keychain fobs in the hands of consumers instead of plastic cards, relies on …

  • 3 November

    A Cryptographer Says He Holds the Key to a Digital Currency

    The dream of a digital currency, a form of money invented just for electronic transactions and just as anonymous as cash in the physical world, is at least as old as the original concept of the Mondex smart card 10 years ago. Next came Cybercash, Digicash, Beenz, Flooz, and others. …

  • 3 November

    Survey: Better Content Might Ignite Online Micropayments

    A survey released today at a conference on micropayments reveals the extent to which Americans are willing to buy content from Web sites at prices measured in the pennies. Extrapolations from the survey show that 4 million Americans made micropayments for digital content costing $2 and under in the past …

October, 2003

  • 30 October

    Self-Serve Transactions Could Rise with Wireless Transmission

    A system that allows card payments to be made at vending machines, laundry machines, kiosks, and unattended business centers is expected to expand rapidly now that the technology provider has partnered with two wireless service providers. Malvern, Pa.-based USA Technologies, which specializes in card-accepting technology for the hospitality industry and …

  • 29 October

    Check 21: Big Cost, Big Profit Opportunity

    Creating and moving check images across banking networks now that President Bush has signed the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act into law is likely to cost banks a great deal of money–but most are likely to find it worth their while. Popularly known as Check 21, the law …

  • 28 October

    More Star Defections to Interlink Coming, says TowerGroup

    Expect more big banks to follow Wells Fargo & Co. and Wachovia Corp. in switching their debit processing business from Concord EFS to Visa, according to an industry analyst. John Gould, director of consumer credit research for TowerGroup, a payments research company, says in the process of moving their debit-processing …

  • 28 October

    Another Micropayment System Gets Ready for Rollout

    The rising number of online content providers is provoking a steady stream of startups looking to facilitate payment of small fees for everything from ringtones to comics to newsletter items and songs. One of the latest is Palo Alto, Calif.-based Bitpass, which is in it the beta stage of attracting …

  • 27 October

    Could Debit Start Trending Toward PINs?

    While First Data Corp. vows to contest action by the Department of Justice to stop its acquisition of Concord EFS, industry observers say the Denver-based processing giant may have good reason to fight for a stronger position in the market for debit transactions secured by personal identification numbers. The $7.3 …

  • 23 October

    Shift to Electronics Surprises the Fed

    The movement from paper-based to electronic payment is happening even faster than the Federal Reserve expected, and as a result the central bank is cutting its estimate of check volume while raising its check-processing fees. Effective Jan. 2, the Fed's fees for check services will go up by a blended …

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