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Merchants Look Forward to Their Day in Court After Judge Brodie Rejects the Interchange Settlement

Merchants are looking forward to making their case now that a judge has rejected a proposed settlement of their two-decades-long litigation with Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc. over transaction costs. Late Tuesday morning, Margo K. Brodie, U.S. District Court Judge for the Eastern District of New York, issued a written …

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Shopify Merchants Gain Access to Target Plus Marketplace

Some Shopify Inc. merchants will be able to get their products in front of more online shoppers via a deal the e-commerce platform has struck with Target Corp. Announced Monday, the deal enables select Shopify Inc. merchants to feature their products on Target Plus, the retailer’s third-party, curated marketplace. Target …

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Affirm Adds New Payment Options And Partners to Attract Omnichannel Merchants

Buy now, pay later provider Affirm Holdings Inc. has expanded its payment options to include Pay in 2 and Pay in 30. The new BNPL options are intended to provide consumers with more flexibility in budgeting their monthly income, the company says. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows …

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Networks, Merchants, And the Tortured Story of Interchange by Fiat

Market pricing is preferable to legal settlements, which in turn are preferable to government regulation. Will the payments business ever learn that lesson? Many in the payments industry breathed a sigh of relief at Mastercard’s and Visa’s announcement in March of their landmark settlement of a longstanding antitrust suit over …

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Merchants Get an Extension to File Monetary Claims in the Big Credit Card Settlement

Merchants have been granted a 90-day extension to file a monetary claim as part of the settlement of a nearly two-decades-old interchange lawsuit filed against Visa and Mastercard. Merchants now have until Aug. 30 to file their claims, the court overseeing the settlement has ruled. A settlement between Visa and …

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The MPC Fires Back at Claims Merchants Won’t Pass Along CCCA Savings to Consumers

Claims by banks that merchants won’t pass along savings from the Credit Card Competition Act to consumers are grossly misleading and do not reflect the economic realities merchants face, argues the Merchants Payments Coalition, a lobbying group representing sellers on payments-acceptance matters. Passing along cost savings or at least holding …

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COMMENTARY: Why Merchants Should Embrace Network Tokenization

If you know anything about the payment space these days, you know that the natives are restless. Merchants have been fed up with interchange rates for years, with no shortage of lawsuits to voice their complaints. Even after winning the right to pass on interchange costs to the consumer, merchants …

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