Saturday , July 4, 2020

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Venmo Testing a Mobile-Payments Service for Small Merchants

Taking a page from Square Inc.’s playbook, PayPal Holdings Inc.’s Venmo peer-to-peer payments service is testing what it calls Venmo Business Profiles, a potentially revenue-generating service that enables Venmo users who are sole proprietors of small businesses to sell goods through an affiliated page visible to other Venmo users. Announced …

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How the Pandemic Has Hastened Small Merchants’ Conversion to Contactless And Online Channels

Evidence continues to accumulate that the Covid-19 pandemic is not only boosting contactless and online payments, but doing so in historically short order. Some 48% of small and medium-size merchants reported in mid-June that they had observed an increase in the number of consumers either using contactless payments or asking …

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The Programs and Solutions Sales Partners and Merchants Need Now.

Given the challenging set of circumstances we are all currently facing, time is of the essence. That is why it is absolutely imperative that payments technology companies equip both Sales Partners and their merchants with the solutions, programs, and support they need to compete right now. At North American Bancard, …

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Store Failures Will Spike as Merchants Wrestle With Covid-19’s Wreckage, a Researcher Predicts

Despite tentative signs of an economic recovery from the coronavirus-induced depression, some experts are forecasting a gloomy outlook for store closures as the year plays out and merchants struggle with debt loads and a consumer shift to e-commerce. At least 20,000, and as many as 25,000, stores will likely shut …

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Merchants Bracing for Higher Reserve Requirements From Acquirers

The economy is slowly thawing from its Covid-19 freeze-up, but many card-accepting merchants are struggling with more chargebacks stemming from canceled trips, non-delivery of goods, or other reasons. And some of them also are dealing with demands from their merchant acquirers for more cash to fund reserve accounts. Payments and …

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Touch-Free Commerce Takes Root As Contactless Payments Surge 150% Among Cardknox Merchants

More evidence that consumers are finally adopting contactless payments emerged  as Cardknox, a payment gateway, noted a 150% increase in contactless payment use from just from November to April. Announced Thursday, the increase, albeit lacking volume details, indicates consumers’ mindfulness about reducing physical contact with point-of-sale terminals. Cardknox said some of …

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Merchants Turning to Small Business Credit Cards to Improve Cash Flow

ISOs tap into card issuing revenue One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is the availability of credit according to a recent study* by the Federal Reserve. Many merchants address this by taking out short-term business loans or using personal credit cards to bridge the gap. While credit cards …

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