Saturday , June 6, 2020

Sales Partners: Driving a simplified ISV sales strategy




Independent software vendors (ISVs) are busy trying to build customized products, account for the end-user’s experience across multiple markets, and drive sales. ISVs also face issues like timeliness, usability, and scalability – all while the demands of a new consumer segment (Gen Z, etc.), and an evolving business culture are throwing a wrench into the mix. Needless to say, challenges exist.

Challenges will never completely go away, but they can be eased when ISVs have an effective strategy, or better yet, a partner with proven market knowledge and a delivery strategy that can simplify the process. The answer doesn’t come in the form of a knight in shining armor, so you can throw those illusions out. The answer looks more like a team. A team, or legion, of well-researched professionals that have the familiarity of what today’s businesses need. That answer is a team of sales partners.

Why sales partners?

Sales partners can prove to be an invaluable asset for ISVs, and helping to place their solutions. By using sales partners of a trusted independent sales organization, ISVs benefit tremendously by leveraging the sales partners existing base of merchants as well as new opportunities they bring to the table. Also, the need for an inside sales team practically goes away, eliminating overhead cost for the ISV.

Additionally, a strong sales partner community is not only helpful for greater market exposure, but also as a source of input to ISVs on the product they’re creating. The sales partner community can provide feedback on processes and shed light to areas that need extra attention. With thousands of partners offering their observations from the field, the ISV wins by being able to tweak their product for multiple markets.

An established ecosystem built for longevity.

If an ISV is trying to offer routine support for users, this can prove taxing and diverts limited resources away from time that should be spent on product innovation and bringing to market new products and services. The established network of sales partners again proves to be a valuable resource, and in this instance, adds value by becoming a source of support for customers. Eliminating this burden from an ISV allows them to remain focused on their core function.

Because every business has specific needs, an established sales partner network is out gathering real world feedback and finding new ways to expand on a particular solution – often times in the most unique use cases. This can be incredibly valuable, especially if an ISV has targeted exclusive niches of business.

By leveraging sales partners, ISVs are able to continually improve upon and remained focused on delivering innovative products. The added benefit of knowing that a robust team is out in the field supporting and providing input only adds credence to the full power of an established sales partner workforce. ISVs can simplify their go-to-market strategy by partnering with an organization that is geared towards creating efficiencies, enhancing market exposure, and simplifying business through the use of an established sales partner network.

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