Saturday , June 6, 2020


A New Study Shows How Acquirers Can Help Merchants Recover From Covid-19’s Heavy Toll
With a Planned IPO, Could Shift4 Be Looking at a Big Rebound Following the Ravages of Covid-19?
As Shut-in Consumers Turn to E-Commerce, Visa Boosts Support for Key Online Technologies
Visa Postponing Most Interchange Rate Changes Until April 2021
Mastercard Volumes Beginning To Show Some Stabilization after Sharp Drop-Off

2020 Sanctions Compliance Report

Today’s technology empowers organizations to engage a global pool of customers. But this digital reach is often accompanied by increased ...
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As Restrictions Lift, Parking Apps Look to Serve Cooped-up Consumers Who Want Touch-Free Payments

Pundits have argued for weeks that the Covid-19 pandemic is shifting consumer payment habits away from anything that requires touching ...
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FIDO Alliance Launches Effort To Make Consumers Aware of Its Authentication Technology

After years of working with Internet firms and payments and tech companies to develop its authentication standards, the Fast IDentity ...
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More Spend on Streaming Services and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 5/27/20

In its first “State of Spend” report, loyalty platform provider Cardlytics Inc., which develops offers for customers of some of the ...
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ATM Counts Slip in the U.S., Canada, and China, New Study Shows

Led by the removal of 30,000 ATMs in China, the number of ATMs worldwide fell by 15,000 units, or 0.5%, ...
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Walmart And Green Dot Beef up the MoneyCard With a New Savings Rate And Other Features

Looking to make their reloadable prepaid card more attractive as retailers and consumers alike deal with the uncertainty created by ...
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ACI Platform Adds Wallet, Bill Pay APIs and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 5/26/20

ACI Worldwide Inc. said its real-time payments platform, UP Immediate Payments, has added application programming interfaces to ease integration with mobile ...
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Many Small Businesses Clawing Back From Their Pandemic Lows, New Processor Data Show

A new report from CardFlight Inc., a point-of-sale technology provider serving more than 60,000 small businesses through its SwipeSimple service, ...
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