Friday , December 14, 2018

Nearly a Third of Payments Are Cashless at New USAT Client’s Converted Vending Machines

USA Technologies Inc. (USAT), a provider of electronic payments for vending machines and other unattended locations, said Monday that it is working with Ten M. Corp. to upgrade 1,000 of Ten M’s vending machines with USAT’s ePort Connectcashless payment technology.

In addition to cash, the ePort devices will enable the machines to accept credit and debit cards, and contactless payments, including the Apple Pay and Android Pay mobile wallets. Some 11% of Donaldsonville, La.-based Ten M’s ePort installations already are complete. “Early results indicate an average cashless usage of approximately 31%,” USAT said in a news release.

Ten M, a family-owned franchisee of the big vending services provider Canteen, also will be deploying USAT’s interactive media services with some of its major accounts.

USAT reported last month that its ePort network had 448,000 connections as of Sept. 30, up 28% year-over-year. The customer base grew 11% to 11,400.

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