Friday , November 27, 2020

How Global Communities Simplified Compliance with WatchDOG® Elite

In a world of ever-changing regulations, organizations must be diligent in their compliance efforts to avoid lasting consequences—especially nonprofits operating on a global scale. Partnering with low-and moderate-low income communities around the world, Global Communities is a nonprofit organization that works to improve social, economic and environmental conditions for millions of people worldwide.

For Global Communities, maintaining compliance at many levels is critical, as their funding comes from grants and donations. Failure to comply with regulations, including U.S. laws, could result in loss of funding, fines or even prevention from participating in certain grant applications. Additionally, because of their broad operation, Global Communities must ensure that its employees, donors and recipients are not affiliated with terrorist organizations.

Understanding the significance of managing compliance, Global Communities sought an automated solution to enhance its compliance program in a way that would help the organization to become an even stronger change-agent within communities worldwide and streamline compliance with Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations. Read CSI’s customer story to learn more about how CSI Regulatory Compliance and its WatchDOG® Elite, an automated compliance solution, helped Global Communities simplify their compliance efforts and improve efficiency by reducing manual processing by 75 percent.

To manage compliance across more than 20 countries, Global Communities needed a tool that could be implemented in each location and used by employees with varying degrees of computer experience and English-speaking abilities. Often, nonprofits like Global Communities are faced with unique challenges as they operate from offices in remote locations. With the user-friendly WatchDOG Elite solution, Global Communities could bridge these barriers.

Since Global Communities maintains offices around the world, CSI worked with the company to create a customized framework that could accommodate different users at each location and could assign individual users the appropriate permissions to manage their compliance responsibilities. This functionality helped simplify the use of the software for employees, especially for those who only use a computer to conduct OFAC screenings.

Instead of requiring employees to manually screen new employees, donors and recipients against online OFAC watch lists, WatchDOG Elite allows for a more efficient process with automated screenings that compare customer lists against multiple watch lists. CSI also manages and facilitates the web-based software and hardware to ensure organizations have access to the latest watch lists. By choosing CSI as their compliance partner, Global Communities improved their OFAC compliance posture significantly.

From ensuring donations are used appropriately, auditing OFAC checks and many other user-friendly features, WatchDOG Elite offered Global Communities tremendous time efficiencies, allowing their employees to focus on serving communities. Find out more about how Global Communities used WatchDOG Elite to streamline compliance with OFAC regulations and improve efficiency through automation in CSI’s customer story.

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