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July, 2022

June, 2022

  • 2 June

    Bank And Credit Card Apps Register More Usage But Less Consumer Satisfaction

    The financial stresses brought on by inflation and other after-effects of the pandemic are starting to damage consumer satisfaction with payments apps, according to the results of a series of J.D. Power surveys, results of which were released early Thursday. Indeed, consumer satisfaction seems to be dropping even as app …

April, 2022

  • 27 April

    The Untapped Power Within Real-time Payment Analytics

    By Kevin Johnson, VP of Sales, Transact & Latin America Technology, innovation, and fintech continue to transform the payments industry. From cryptocurrency and digital wallets to buy-now-pay-later and real-time, innovation is touching nearly every facet of the industry. A system once based on barter-and-trade now offers consumers and businesses numerous …

  • 27 April

    Agile Financial Systems Unveils Revolutionary, Innovative Product Suite

    APEX family of products designed to help businesses compete and grow in the marketplace   Southlake, Texas based Agile Financial Systems (AFS) is a high growth financial technology company founded in 2017. Backed by an executive team with over 100 years of combined industry experience, the organization’s mission is to …

  • 26 April

    Five Signs It’s Time to Move on From Worldpay

    By Caleb Avery, Founder & CEO of Tilled While the world of integrated payments has undergone a major shift thanks to payment facilitation, many software companies are still working with legacy processors, like Worldpay, that can only offer antiquated and manual processes. If your B2B software company is working with …

  • 8 April

    With New Sheriffs in Town, Payment Players Can Expect Stiffer Scrutiny, a Lobbyist Warns 

    Payments companies have sensed increasing regulatory pressure since the Biden Administration’s inauguration last year, and now experts who follow developments in Washington, D.C., are confirming it. After a relatively “light touch” during the Trump Administration, “the [regulatory] pendulum has come back this way” toward a harder look at payments practices, …

February, 2022

  • 3 February

    Small Businesses Mostly Pleased With Their Acquirers and other Digital Transactions news briefs from 2/3/2022

    Small-business satisfaction with merchant processors stands at 859 on a scale of 1,000, up 23 points from 2021, according to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Merchant Services Satisfaction Study. Banks lead the way in the survey, with Bank of America and Chase ranking first and second, followed by Square.Payments provider Payliance announced it …

  • 2 February

    Nayax’s New Vending Options and other Digital Transactions news briefs from 2/2/2022

    Nayax Ltd., a payments processor for vending machines, announced it has launched an EMV-compliant platform allowing multiple choices with a single transaction authorization.Hospitality-technology provider Bite Ninja said it has acquired Zenu, a provider of ordering and payment technology for restaurants. Terms were not announced.BlueOne Card Inc. said it is launching its BlueOne Card, …

  • 1 February

    PayPal Logs A Strong Quarter As It Shifts Its Strategy to Boost User Engagement

    As all payments companies know, some active accounts are more active than others. On Tuesday, PayPal Holdings Inc.’s top executives made it plain the company’s 2022 priority is to emphasize—and pour money into promoting—accountholder activity. “The shift is, we’re not going to throw marketing dollars at low-value customers coming in,” …

December, 2021

  • 15 December

    Why having access to the right developer portal is more important than ever!

    Brandy Hadden In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing payments landscape, it is increasingly vital that merchant services providers offer ISVs, VARs, and small to mid-sized business owners instant access to the tools and technologies they need to keep pace with their competitors, as well as evolving consumer preferences. One way to …

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