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Shopify Notes Merchant Apple Pay Use and other Digital Transactions News briefs
February 15, 2017

• E-commerce platform provider Shopify Inc. said it added 133,000 merchants in 2016, bringing the total to 377,500 by year's end; gross merchandise volume hit $5.5 billion in the fourth quarter, up 94% from a year earlier. Shopify also says that since it launched Apple Pay for the Web, more than 150,000 Shopify merchants offer the checkout service. Shopify Capital, which launched in 2016, provided $30 million in merchant cash advances last year.

• Payment gateway Shift4 Corp. said its products are now available from POS Portal Inc., a point-of-sale equipment and services distributor.

• Mobile-imaging software provider Mitek Systems Inc. said European blockchain-based payments provider Nocks will use Mitek's Mobile Verify service to comply with new anti-money-laundering and know-your-customer regulations.

• VersaPay Corp. said Intuit Inc. is using its VersaPay ARC service to let small businesses and accountants pay their Intuit invoices.

• The Netherlands-based e-commerce and point-of-sale payments provider Adyen appointed Eric Morse as senior vice president of sales in North America; Morse most recently was vice president of enterprise sales at Oracle Corp.'s NetSuite unit.

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