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Total Merchant Services Announces New Compensation Program
February 26, 2016


The October 1, 2015 deadline for EMV compliance has come and gone, yet many U.S. merchants have not yet upgraded to EMV terminals and cannot accept NFC payments like Apple Pay™. As the industry upgrades to new, user-friendly and secure technologies, sales partners find themselves in a great situation to sell merchant services.

Total Merchant Services pioneered the Free Terminal Placement program, with the largest upfront bonuses and most competitive residuals in the industry. In order to assist sales partners and encourage the drive to upgrade merchants into EMV compliance, Total Merchant Services has enhanced its Free Terminal Placement program with the new Total Choice Program. Research has shown that sales partners want more flexibility in their compensation choices, such as receiving a lower upfront bonus in return for a higher residual split. The Total Choice program provides this flexibility, enabling sales partners the freedom to optimize each merchant account in order to maximize their overall income.

Some examples of Total Merchant Services compensation plans include:

· New 60% Residual Plans: Total Merchant Services introduced two new plans where sales partners can earn a 60% residual commission split. With these options, sales partners can earn this higher split by opting for a smaller upfront bonus payment. Alternatively, partners can earn the higher split by opting out from utilizing the Free Terminal Placement program.

· Purchase Equipment: Total Merchant Services has new programs where partners can purchase equipment and earn up to a 70% residual split.

In addition to the new compensation options, Total Merchant Services has upgraded support for sales partners in recent months to take advantage of the industry shift to new technologies. The company has upgraded its partner portal to provide more detailed sales reports and selling information, and it now makes “mirrored” websites available to individual sales partners to assist in customer acquisition. New team members have also joined the company to ensure the best sales partner support, and training programs are being revamped to help sales partners assist merchants.

New training programs have been invaluable as the company grows its suite of products including marketing programs, all-in-one register solutions, and semi-integrated payments to meet the needs of modern merchants.

In short, with the new EMV, NFC, POS and retail marketing technologies, this is a great time to be selling to merchants, and Total Merchant Services provides the compensation, equipment, training and support sales partners need to succeed.

To become a Total Merchant Services sales partner and/or learn more about its compensation programs and solutions, call 1-888-848-6825 ext. 9407, email partners@tmsheadquarters.com or visit http://www.totalpartnership.com/.


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