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Free-Equipment Pioneer United Bank Card Hints at Enhancements to Come

Despite criticism that free point-of-sale terminals for card-accepting merchants undercut independent sales organizations’ profitability, the company that started the trend back in 2004 remains staunchly committed to the strategy. The investment in hardware is more than returned in reduced attrition, says Jared Isaacman, chief executive of United Bank Card Inc. …

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Having Started with Big Chains, Mobile Point of Sale Begins to Filter Down to Smaller Retailers

  With the increasing popularity of smart phones and other mobile gadgets, major brick-and-mortar retail chains like Home Depot and Nordstrom began adopting mobile point-of-sale systems this year. And now smaller chains have begun equipping floor personnel with mobile devices that can scan merchandise and help customers look up out-of-stock …

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Aiming to Smooth In-Store Mobile Transactions, VeriFone Buys Global Bay

Extending itself further into mobile retailing and software, VeriFone Systems Inc. on Tuesday announced it has acquired 9-year-old Global Bay Media Technologies, a South Plainfield, N.J., vendor of in-store mobile solutions. Terms of the deal, which had already closed by the time of the announcement, were not disclosed. The acquisition …

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With $5 Million Round, Mobibucks Is Latest NFC Alternative to Draw Investors

  While point-of-sale payments using near-field communication (NFC) technology appear to be drawing closer, systems that let consumers make mobile payments in stores without NFC are drawing investor interest. This week, Mobibucks, a Louisville, Ky.-based startup, announced a $5 million Series A funding round led by Acadia Woods Partners. The …

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Canada Puts Down Chip Card Roots

  Canada seems to have found a workable formula for rolling out EMV technology.   Can the U.S. learn from it?   By Peter Lucas   Payment card executives in the United States looking to follow a model for how to roll out EMV cards and terminals need look no …

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Annual Field Guide to Alternative Payments

  Cover Story Mobile-payment schemes proliferate but innovations abound in all corners of the new world of electronic-payment systems competing for consumer and merchant adoption.   By John Stewart, Jim Daly, and Linda Punch       We’re putting on weight. First published in 2009, Digital Transactions’ Field Guide to …

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Why EMV Chip And PIN Is Still Homeless in the United States

  Endpoint A few smaller banks get it, and have issued EMV cards to their customers who travel abroad. But most bigger banks are still on the sidelines. We’re still stuck with the mag stripe and all of its attendant problems because the big banks have too great a stake …

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FaceCash Parent Launches a Free Browser-Based Register for Merchants

Think Computer Corp., the startup behind the FaceCash mobile-payments system, has launched a browser-based point-of-sale register in an effort ease FaceCash integration for merchants. “The register lets any small business turn a Web browser into a cash register,” says Aaron Greenspan, Think’s chief executive and president. The product, which has …

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Going for a Checkmate

Cover Story Going for a Checkmate VeriFone’s buyout of Hypercom will further its dominance of America’s POS terminal industry, which is in the throes of rapid change. Is there life beyond the box? BY JIM DALY It’s not your father’s point-of-sale business any more. It’s not even your older brother’s. …

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