Monday , January 25, 2021

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E*Trade Sells Its ATM Network to Cardtronics for $106 Million

E*Trade Financial Corp. today announced it agreed to sell its ATM network to Cardtronics Inc., an ATM deployer based in Houston, for $106 million in cash. E*Trade, a New York-based online banking and brokerage company, operates a network of 15,000 ATMs in an operating unit called E*Trade Access Inc. The …

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Vendors Begin Shipping Remote-Management Systems for Triple DES

Vendors in the ATM industry are beginning to move ahead with systems that would allow machine owners to remotely install and manage encryption keys mandated by a new security standard set by the bank card networks. The introduction of solutions for remote administration of Triple DES keys comes even as …

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A System That Fingerprints” Mag Stripes Gets a Boost”

A new technology that fights counterfeit card fraud by allowing a sort of “fingerprint” comparison routine based on magnetic stripes is getting its first commercial application with shipments having started within the past few weeks of card-personalization machines enabled with the technology. Kiran Gandhi, vice president for Carson, Calif.-based MagTek …

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A New ANSI Standard Could Ease the Way for Triple DES

A new U.S. standard in the works now could dramatically cut the costs ATM deployers face in bringing their machines into compliance with the so-called Triple DES encryption requirement set by the bank card networks. As things stand now, banks and other deployers must distribute the Triple DES encryption key, …

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Pay By Touch Close to Breakthrough Deals, CEO Says

Pay By Touch, the San Francisco-based supplier of a point-of-sale payment technology that replaces cards and other media with fingerprint scans, says it is close to several major deals which, if consummated, will give the fledgling company and its system considerable momentum. Among the deals in the pipeline, says Pay …

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A Providian-Barclays Deal Could Fuel Transaction Innovation

The news that Barclays PLC is talking to Providian Financial Corp. about buying the San Francisco-based credit card issuer has some observers speculating that the merger could accelerate the development of new electronic transaction products both in the U.S. and in Europe, where Barclays is a major card issuer with …

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Security Fears Put Electronic Voting Under the Microscope

Fears concerning computer security are resulting in setbacks for the movement toward electronic voting. Most recently, the Pentagon has scuppered plans to allow Americans living abroad to cast ballots on the Internet. At the same time, some county and state elections officials, bowing to worries about computer viruses and the …

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Prepaid Plastic Zeroes in on the Payroll Market

With gift cards accounting for more than $17 billion in retail sales, or about 8% of merchants' total take, during the recent holiday shopping spree, according to the National Retail Federation, the plastic has become a star in the electronic transaction firmament. But while gift cards are stealing the headlines, …

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Network Security: One Step Ahead of the Bad Guys?

This week's outbreak of yet another computer-network virus has served as a reminder to the online transactions industry that the networks they rely on for e-commerce?and increasingly for ATM and point-of-sale traffic?are vulnerable to malicious code. Although the latest outbreak, called the “bagle” virus, was quickly brought under control after …

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