Thursday , November 26, 2020

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7th Annual Field Guide to Alternative Payments

These days, the payments business is all about mobile innovation. But, as ever, it’s also about adoption. How many of these players will crack that nut? If anything rules in the payments business, it’s adoption—the ability of a new payment service to win usage by consumers and uptake by merchants. …

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Mobile Wallet Wars: Part One Big-Time Gladiators in the Arena

Five big players are slugging it out to win what has proven to be all-too-elusive: consumer and merchant adoption. Here’s a close look at the Big 5’s strengths and weaknesses. (Editor’s Note: This is the first part of a two-part examination of the current landscape for mobile payments. Look for …

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Confluence of Trends Creating a “Golden Age” for Merchant Portfolios?

The allure of recurring revenue combined with low interest rates and investors prospecting for new assets are contributing to a potentially prosperous time for sellers of merchant portfolios. That’s the assessment from a presentation Tuesday at the Southeast Acquirers Association annual conference in New Orleans. Also, the Electronic Transactions Association …

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Ingenico And Intel To Develop a Point-of-Sale Tablet Supporting EMV and NFC

Point-of-sale terminal maker Ingenico Group and chip-maker Intel Corp. will work on producing a tablet that supports EMV chip card and near-field communication (NFC) transactions, Ingenico announced Thursday. The tablet is in response to the U.S. payment card migration to the EMV chip card standard, and the growing adoption of …

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EMV Cards and Terminals Have a Small but Fast-Growing Foothold, Visa Reports

Visa Inc.’s U.S. payment card issuers had about 48 million EMV chip cards in the market as of Dec. 31, a Visa executive said Wednesday. And, somewhat surprisingly, about 80% of the small number of U.S. EMV transactions today are coming from small merchants rather than big retailers, which are …

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More Than 70% of Small Merchants Are Unaware of EMV Liability Shift, Survey Finds

By Jim Daly Another sign that the U.S. EMV conversion has a long way to go emerged last week when a survey of more than 990 independent business owners by Newtek Business Services Inc. revealed that 71% of respondents were unaware of the so-called EMV liability shift coming on Oct. …

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Getting Merchants to Click

From search engines to social media, online competition has heated up for ISOs and acquirers. What does it take to stay ahead of the pack? If acronyms and terms like SEO, PPC, unique clicks, likes, and tweets sound unfamiliar, the latest digital-marketing efforts used by independent sales organizations and acquirers …

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Flush With Cash

Funding is pouring into payments technology at a furious rate. Now startups and established firms alike are wondering: How long can it last, and what’s the long-term impact? If one thing is certain about the six years or so that have passed since the financial crisis, it’s that nobody can …

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Heartland Begins a ‘Trusted Dealer Program’ to Bolster Multiple Product Sales

Heartland Payment Systems Inc. is building a point-of-sale system reseller network in hopes it will increase the number of multiple products sold to a single merchant. Announced Friday, the program is part of Heartland Commerce, and signals a shift in Heartland’s selling strategy. The company will no longer use a …

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