Tuesday , August 11, 2020

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Chase Brings Contactless Payments to the Northeast Corridor

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is extending its rollout of contactless payment technology to the populous northeast corridor of the country. Its Chase Bank U.S.A. N.A. said today it will begin sending new cards equipped with chips and tiny radio transmitters to some 2.9 million cardholders this week. In addition, about …

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HSBC Joins the Ranks of Issuers of Contactless Debit Cards

HSBC Bank USA N.A. has become the third U.S. bank to add contactless payment technology to its debit cards. The bank said today it has begun issuing MasterCard-branded debit cards equipped with MasterCard's PayPass system, and plans to issue 1 million of the cards by the end of the year. …

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Chase Brings ‘Blink’ to Loyalty Cards with Contactless United Card

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has installed contactless payment technology in the cobranded Visa credit card it issues with United Airlines Inc. The new card, said to be the first airline loyalty card to feature the technology, is part of an ongoing launch the bank has conducted since May of cards …

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Accelitec Looks to Rising Interchange to Help Sell New RFID System

A Seattle-based startup that has been quietly testing a contactless payment system intended to be branded and controlled by merchants is now marketing the system as a way for retailers to control rising card-acceptance costs. Accelitec Inc. says its PayPilot system, which includes token dispensers, tokens equipped with chip-and-transmitter inlays, …

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Colorado Becomes Latest Market in Chase’s Contactless Rollout

Continuing its national rollout of contactless card technology, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.'s Chase Bank U.S.A. unit said it will begin issuing the chip-equipped cards early this month in Colorado. The announcement follows by 15 days the bank's introduction of its contactless card, which it calls “blink,” in Atlanta, the …

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AmEx Begins National ExpressPay Rollout, Signs 7-Eleven for Acceptance

American Express Co. today said it has commenced a nationwide rollout of its ExpressPay contactless card program and announced that 7-Eleven Inc. would accept the AmEx technology, which is being embedded in the New York-based T&E giant's Blue card. The Dallas-based convenience-store chain joins pharmacy chain CVS Corp. as national …

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MasterCard Lifts the Veil on Acquiring Rules for ISOs, Other Nonbanks

Addressing a longstanding complaint of independent sales organizations and other nonbank acquirers, MasterCard International has published its operating rules for what the card company calls member service providers. MasterCard says the 291-page document, entitled “Member Service Provider Rules Manual,” is now available free, and has posted a PDF for download. …

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Chase Says Its New Blink Card Will March Through Atlanta First

Atlanta is where J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. will begin its rollout of contactless cards, starting June 1, the bank announced today. Chase, which said last week it would begin issuing the chip-equipped cards this summer in a region-by-region rollout (Digital Transactions News, May 19), says almost 1 million of …

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Visa Places Its Bets on Mag-Stripe Cards for Electronic Loyalty

Target Corp.'s decision several weeks ago to discontinue its chip-based electronic loyalty program has confirmed for Visa USA that U.S. consumers are not likely to embrace new transaction technologies any time soon, whether tied to loyalty programs or not. Indeed, for the foreseeable future, the bank card network is shifting …

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