Thursday , November 26, 2020

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Payments Gripes Soar During the Pandemic, According to CFPB Data

Consumer complaints about payment products and services have shot up since March, when the national emergency was declared to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Complaints about credit and prepaid card products are up 29% over the same period last year, and gripes about money-transfer, virtual-currency, and money services have soared …

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How PayPal’s Case Against the CFPB Could Spawn ‘Uncomfortable’ Results for Payments Players

It was easy to lose track of it in the midst of all the impacts of the novel coronavirus, but a crucial federal lawsuit filed six months ago still hangs over the payments industry, carrying far-reaching implications for nearly all players. It’s PayPal Holdings Inc.’s  action against the Consumer Financial Protection …

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Alleging Digital Wallets Are Not Prepaid Products, PayPal Sues the CFPB Over Its Prepaid Rule

PayPal Holdings Inc. on Wednesday sued the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alleging the regulatory agency’s 8-month-old prepaid rule represents a “category error” and a violation of the First Amendment, and should be vacated by the court. The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, charges …

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The Prepaid Business Adopts a Sanguine Approach As the CFPB’s Big Rule Finally Takes Effect

A day long dreaded by the U.S. payments industry came and went on Monday with little fanfare and not much more gnashing of teeth. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s voluminous prepaid card rule finally took effect with sweeping provisions governing matters ranging from fee disclosures to error-resolution rights to consumers’ …

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TSYS Sets ‘Aggressive Goals’ for Vital But Predicts ‘Headwinds’ From the CFPB’s Prepaid Rule

Top executives at Total System Services Inc. on Tuesday predicted big results from the Columbus, Ga.-based processor’s new Vital line of point-of-sale payment devices but also warned the onset of a massive federal regulation this spring will crimp prepaid card revenues in 2019. They also assured analysts on a conference …

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COMMENTARY: In the Eyes of the CFPB, We Are All Prepaid Now

A deep dive into the more than 2,000 pages of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s regulations covering the prepaid market shows that the CFPB is trying to extend uniform consumer protections to as many payment types as possible. That includes unauthorized or disputed transactions for all financial-access devices regardless of …

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Has Trump Tamed the CFPB?

Acting director Mick Mulvaney is off to a promising start, but ensuring that the sprawling agency will always hew to the rule of law remains a challenge, says Eric Grover. At Davos in January, President Trump lambasted “unelected bureaucrats” who were imposing “crushing and anti-business and anti-worker regulations on our …

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