Tuesday , June 6, 2023

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Sionic Says Its CODE Pay Brings Real-Time Payments to the Point of Sale

Sionic Mobile Corp., a provider of consumer-to-business payments technology, on Tuesday launched CODE Pay a free mobile app for merchants that facilitates bank-to-bank, real-time payments at the point-of-sale. “Merchants have been looking for ways to cut costs and to get off the card network rails,” says Sionic chief executive and …

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Mastercard Will Tackle Biometric Payments at the Point of Sale, Sans Card or Phone

Mastercard Inc. says the future of payments at the point of sale includes the ability to make a point-of-sale payment using a facial image without having to present a credit or debit card or a mobile device. Under its new Biometric Checkout Program, Mastercard has begun testing the service, the …

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The New Point of Sale

Challenged in the past year, merchants are readying for major point-of-sale hardware and software upgrades to adapt to new consumer expectations. Some merchants have had to delay much-needed point-of-sale system upgrades. Others are adding them to stay afloat in the immediate moment. And still others are incorporating make-shift steps to …

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COMMENTARY: Why Cryptocurrency at the Point of Sale Is the Next Contactless Step for Merchants

How people purchased goods and services online, at the in-store point of sale (POS), or on mobile devices changed significantly during the pandemic. Whether or not businesses closed their brick-and-mortar storefronts, they experienced a shift to contactless and online channels as a safer way to transact for businesses and consumers.  …

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Eye on the Point of Sale: Behind the Coin Shortage; The Decline in ATM Cash Withdrawals Slows

Consumers have been spending considerably less in most stores over the past four months, but that hasn’t prevented a shortage of coins from developing. But in one sign of a nascent revival of cash usage, the number ATM cash withdrawals by credit union members has finally broken a 15-week streak …

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Fraud Schemes Get ‘Scary’ as Chip Cards Push Crime Away From the Point of Sale

Payment-related fraud continues to diversify as EMV chip cards make counterfeit fraud at the point of sale far harder to commit. For example, the FBI last September said cumulative global losses, as reported to the bureau, from business email compromises and other email fraud totaled $26.2 billion from June 2016 to …

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