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Fintainium and Visa Direct and other Digital Transactions News briefs from 6/4/21

Payments provider Fintainium said it is working with Visa Inc.’s real-time push-payment network, Visa Direct, and CIT Inc. to let merchants access cash flow and consumers receive payouts.Progressive Care Inc. said its PharmCoRx pharmacies is accepting Bitcoin in payment for Covid-19 rapid-testing services. The company began accepting cryptocurrency in 2018.ParkMobile LLC said its mobile app is …

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Visa Moves ‘Beyond the Card’ With an Expansion of Visa Direct to Bank Accounts

As payments providers ramp up fast-payment capabilities that don’t depend on existing card-payment rails, pressure has mounted on the dominant U.S. card networks to enable quick transfers from senders to accounts held by receivers worldwide. Visa Inc. on Tuesday, for example, announced Visa Direct Payouts, which allows users to send …

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MoneyGram’s Links to Visa Direct And Checkout.com Hike the Stakes in Near Real Time Remittances

The remittance giants haven’t been shy over the last two years in adopting card-network technology and local payments services to close the last mile for fast transfers directly to users’ mobile devices. And MoneyGram International Inc. on Friday played its latest card in this market with an arrangement that will …

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EVO’s Turn to Visa Direct Casts a Spotlight on the Potential for Real-Time Merchant Settlement

Real-time payment flows are coming to processor settlements with merchants as Visa Inc. enlarges the market for its Visa Direct push-payment service. The latest development emerged this week with EVO Payments Inc.’s launch of EVO Direct Deposit, a service that relies on Visa Direct to credit U.S. merchant accounts. The …

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MoneyGram’s Launch of Visa Direct Overseas Spotlights Visa’s Strategy for Cross-Border Payments

Visa Inc. is working fast to expand its foothold in cross-border remittances, a relatively new market for the card network. On Wednesday, MoneyGram International Inc. announced it is the first remittance service to allow international transfers that rely on Visa Direct, a push-payment service that enables real-time transfers to holders …

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Intuit To Bring More Small And Mid-Sized Businesses to Visa Direct

Small and mid-sized businesses using Intuit Inc.’s QuickBooks accounting software and payment-processing service will be able to get funds faster through Visa Inc.’s Visa Direct service, the companies announced Wednesday. Mountain View, Calif.-based Intuit rolled out Instant Deposit for its SMB customers using QuickBooks Payments. Instant Deposit uses the Visa …

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