Monday , March 25, 2019

White-Labeling Mobile Solutions for a Competitive Advantage

By Scott Dowty, Chief Revenue Officer at Apriva, LLC

With smartphones becoming the dominant tool for personal and business communications, mobile commerce is critical for businesses.  Mobile payments are projected to reach $503 billion by 2020,[1] and an estimated 75% of all financial transactions may be cashless by 2025[2], so businesses must be prepared for the transition from traditional payment models to mobile commerce options.

The rapid adoption of mobile devices demonstrates a clear and increasing demand by consumers for mobile payment acceptance—something businesses must be ready to deliver to remain competitive in consumer markets.


Competing for commercial business is challenging, but as customers and small businesses demand more advanced mobile solutions, financial institutions (FIs), independent sales organizations (ISOs), merchant service providers (MSPs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) have a unique opportunity to win new business relationships and drive desired customer behavior.

Specifically, companies able to deliver mobile commerce solutions can expand their revenue opportunities and grow business relationships.  But how can providers deliver mature, robust mobile solutions without incurring high overhead costs such as development, connectivity, and regulatory compliance?

Partnering with a proven mobile solution, and white-labeling that solution to your brand, speeds your go-to-market timeline and avoids the high overhead of developing or buying a custom solution.

 Delivering a mobile commerce strategy with secure mobile payments not only improves customer experiences, but arms FIs, ISOs/MSPs, and ISVs with a key competitive engine for winning new commercial relationships with businesses and merchants.


Mobile commerce (mCommerce) spans several channels—including mobile payments via mobile points of sale (mPOS) and those business operations performed on-the-go such as digital invoicing.  Ready examples include service professionals working at customers’ homes or worksites, mobile businesses, or merchants offering line-busting within their stores.

Mobile platforms also provide the opportunity to capture subscription services on-the-fly via recurring billing—a hugely valuable feature for direct sellers and membership-based businesses such as gyms and yoga studios, coaches and instructors, wine clubs, personal services, etc.  Mobile payments also complement existing POS systems as backup or auxiliary payment paths for expanded customer experiences.


Providing commercial businesses and merchants with a branded, robust mCommerce platform can be a competitive differentiator in aggressive markets.  But the idea of building a mature, secure solution set and supporting it is understandably daunting and certainly cost-prohibitive.

With Apriva, financial institutions, resellers, and integrators can propagate their brand to businesses and merchants without the overhead of development, payment processor connections, or regulatory compliance.  Apriva’s unique white-label capabilities deliver a secure and robust mCommerce solution—including mobile payments—making even small providers competitive with much larger organizations.

Partnering with Apriva delivers a branded version of our mCommerce platform: enabling FIs, ISOs/MSPs, and ISVs to win new business relationships without prohibitive costs, while simultaneously providing a competitive new offering for secure payments and improved customer experiences.



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