Sunday , August 18, 2019

Saving ISO Programs From Outdated Legacy Systems

The payments industry changes quickly as new regulations and market demands force continual improvement. Legacy systems struggle to keep up, and the ISOs on those platforms feel the pain.

PaymentSpring felt it was time to change that by creating a flexible new processing platform that gives ISOs and software providers more control over payments.

ISOs moving away from these outdated platforms, as well as software developers taking the first step toward controlling their customers payment experience will find this program a welcome relief.


With PaymentSpring, ISOs can customize the details of their program, including:

Merchant Pricing Models
Users may choose from a wide variety of complex pricing options including flat-rate, bundled, pass through plus, tiered and more. And better yet, options may be set at any level in the hierarchy.

Automated Onboarding
PaymentSpring’s online merchant application can be used with any ISO’s brand. A built-in onboarding option saves users the trouble of having to find and manage yet another vendor.

Service Model
ISOs can choose the servicing they want to manage and which details they want PaymentSpring to handle for them.

Data Relationship Hierarchies
PaymentSpring ISOs have the ability to create complex relationship hierarchies in their data, based on their specific needs.

Settlement Options
Settlement schedules that work for partners and their clients can be chosen based on the timing that’s best for all parties—including 24 hours, 48 hours, weekly and more.


 Benefits of partnering with PaymentSpring include:

Aggressive Pricing
PaymentSpring provides competitive, easy-to-understand prices without hidden or misleading fees.

Superior Onboarding Experience
A full onboarding team, led by a dedicated relationship manager, ensures a smooth transition to PaymentSpring.

Ongoing Service
Real people—with real experience—are always available when needed. An account manager serves as a single point of contact for a team and reviews and assesses each ISO program regularly to ensure success.

Security and Compliance
PaymentSpring is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified and knows what it takes to protect sensitive information and reduce PCI compliance responsibilities. Customer information is safely vaulted 24/7/365.

Easy Integration
PaymentSpring’s open APIs make integration with other solutions simple.


PaymentSpring also offers an array of front-end solutions to improve client and end-user experiences, including:

Developer-Friendly Gateway
PaymentSpring’s powerful payment gateway is secure, simple to integrate and offers customers a delightfully simple payment experience.

Integrated Mobile
ISOs can offer merchants a way to easily add mobile to their payment mix, combining mobile and online payments in one dashboard for easy reconciliation and payments management.

App and Text Giving Solutions
Nonprofits can quickly add a branded app or text-giving solution to their payment mix to connect with their donors, increasing engagement and donations.

If you’re an ISO or software developer ready to reclaim control with a processor that puts you in charge, visit for more information.



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