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With Its New Line of ATMs, NCR Hopes To Attract ‘Digital Natives’
February 15, 2017

By Jim Daly

ATM manufacturer NCR Corp. on Tuesday unveiled its line of SelfServ 80 Series, machines NCR says are designed for “today’s mobile-first, omni-channel consumers.”

Image Credit: NCR Corp.
An NCR SelfServ 80 with a tablet-like screen.

The line currently has 4 models, and several large banks and mid-sized credit unions have already begun deploying them. “There are in the thousands of installations currently,” a spokesperson for Duluth, Ga.-based NCR spokesperson tells Digital Transactions News by email.

The SelfServ 80s include a full-glass 19-inch multi-touch display that enables customers to swipe, pinch, and zoom in on images as they would with a tablet computer, as well as view digital marketing messages. The models have capacity for a 10-cassette cash dispenser, providing extra room for more cash, according to NCR. In addition, they can handle so-called cardless cash withdrawals initiated on a customer’s smart phone and can support video banking in which the customer communicates with a remote teller.

“Financial institutions need to be ready to offer the experience digital natives demand as they come of age and require more financial services,” Jose Resendiz, NCR vice president financial services, said in a news release.

The NCR spokesperson says global ATM withdrawals are now running at a record 90 billion withdrawals annually worth $14 trillion.

“There is a demand for both emerging—mobile—and traditional—ATM—services,” the spokesperson says. “The new 80 series ATMs enable customization and consumer choice to address these tastes, all while providing convenient access to a reliable, secure, trusted self-service channel. For financial institutions, they provide a lower cost to serve and the ability to generate revenue via improved marketing and advertising capabilities.”

NCR did not release pricing information.

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