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Software Emerges to Ease Merger of Online And In-Store Payments Data for Merchants
August 2, 2017

By John Stewart

As merchants and payments processors wrestle with linking e-commerce transaction data with data generated from in-store payments, vendors are starting to offer products to ease that connection. An early player is Creditcall Ltd., which on Monday introduced software that allows processors to combine data streams from a merchant’s online and in-store operations without lengthy or complicated integrations.

Image Credit: Creditcall Ltd.

Pedersen: “Merchants and their payment providers are under immense pressure.”

The software, called ChipDNA Link, is aimed at bridging separate gateways and provides a “near real-time transaction feed,” the company says in a news release.

The new software is addressed at a need among multi-channel merchants to access complete transaction data sets for customers who shop both online and in-store so that offers and other marketing pitches can be better targeted. The product also emerges as big mergers of e-commerce and physical merchants are on the horizon, as exemplified most recently by the $13.7 billion offer from Amazon.com Inc. for Whole Foods. That acquisition is set to close later this year. Creditcall predicts deals like this will push merchants to merge online and offline transaction data in a bid to stay competitive.

“Merchants and their payment providers are under immense pressure” said Lars Pedersen, Creditcall’s chief executive, in a statement. “ChipDNA Link helps the industry take a substantial step towards realizing the omnichannel potential with a consistent cross-channel experience.”

Pricing for ChipDNA Link was not immediately available. The product was previously proprietary but is now available to processors on a white-label basis, according to Creditcall.

Creditcall is a provider of EMV technology and transaction-gateway services. Based in the United Kingdom, it maintains a U.S. headquarters in New York City.

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