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Mobile Commerce on Smart Phones Accounts for 18% of Online Orders, Demandware Reports
June 11, 2015

By Kevin Woodward

U.S. consumers shopping online in the first quarter of 2015 used smart phones to place 18% of all online orders. That’s according to the Demandware Shopping Index. Demandware Inc. is a Burlington, Mass.-based e-commerce platform.

The index found that smart phones, too, accounted for 38% of the overall Web traffic for online retailers. That compares to 11% of the traffic and 16% of the orders for tablets, and 50% of the traffic and 69% of the orders for desktop devices. The percentages may not add up to 100% because they are rounded.

“Tap devices—phones and tablets—are undeniably carrying digital-commerce growth,” the report says. “Retailers that underestimate the importance of devices and provide only limited mobile functionality or create friction in shopper experiences will feel the pain and sales reduction of an unsatisfied shopper.”

In its first report, released in March detailing activity in the 2014 fourth quarter, orders made with smart phones accounted for 16% of all online orders, and 33% of Web traffic. Tablets had 17% of the orders and 14% of the traffic. Desktops had 67% of orders and 52% of traffic.

Average order value in the first quarter of 2015 was $128, a 1.6% increase from $126 in the previous quarter.

The index measures the activity of more than 200 million consumers shopping at more than 1,200 global retail Web sites.

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