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Do Business Owners Realize That You Are The One to Ask?
May 17, 2017

Business owners today can’t avoid hearing the industry’s new buzz words:  Big data, omnichannel marketing, data analytics, mobile payments and loyalty, to name a few.  Merchants know they need them, but many of these important prospects do not know how to find the best solutions, all in one place, quickly and easily.

It’s up to you to make sure they do.

In order to survive and thrive in today’s payment industry, ISOs and agents are going to have to adapt to the changing needs of the times. They need to offer easy access to the tools and solutions merchants need to help them better compete.

Merchants’ Choice makes that simple.

Completely committed to developing technology that extends beyond traditional merchant services, Merchants’ Choice has developed Merchant Foundry, a powerful platform that helps ISOs and agents manage their growing businesses, while delivering a wide array of state-of-the-art solutions to merchant customers.

Integration, Analytics and Chat Bots

Merchant Foundry POS is an innovative, proprietary Android tablet-based POS software suite loaded with intuitive business management tools. Created with small and medium sized businesses in mind, it’s a simple solution with powerful results.

Additionally, Merchant Foundry provides the ability to process virtually any form of payment on multiple platform options. But it is the company’s commitment to ongoing technology development and flexibility that makes Merchant Foundry stand out.

Without leaving the platform, merchants can:

  • · purchase cyber insurance and data security
  • · maximize marketing and online reputation management with a Business         Insights tool that makes technology and purchasing data work together to  deliver up-to-the-minute insights into customer purchasing behavior
  • · apply for loyalty and gift card programs
  • · access an online help center for HIPAA
  • · get quicker access to business funding
  • · get PCI validation
  • · fill out a W-9 form
  • · receive and navigate a 1099K electronically

Merchant Foundry even includes chat bots that allow merchants to “communicate” with Merchants Choice on their own schedule without contacting a call center.

Unmatched Support for Sales Offices

“One of our critical business objectives is to ensure that we are constantly evolving our product line to meet the demands of customers in any competitive landscape,” says Merchants’ Choice President and CEO Todd Linden.

While pointing to Merchant Foundry as the single tool that gives sales partners “complete control through the life cycle of the account,” Linden adds that “Our merchant clients have direct access to the most effective products and services to support and grow their business, and also experience world class service at every turn from a team of experienced and dedicated industry professionals.”

“Merchants’ Choice affords your business a unique advantage unlike any other in the market place,” Linden says.

For more information go to www.mcpscorp.com

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