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May 1, 2017


Terry Crowley 

Savvy execs look beyond payment processing for earnings growth.
Text Receipts are a natural starting point.

Credit card processing has long been a commodity business in the United States. Just as in other markets, large merchants have unbeatable pricing and it’s the small and medium sized businesses, or “SMBs”, who generate the vast majority of industry’s profits. What’s different in the U.S. is that these profits became artificially inflated when concealed pricing and other risky practices were allowed to proliferate in a freewheeling, under-regulated marketplace.

Now, a correction is underway and these profits are regressing toward a lower mean. Regulation, legislation and litigation are making sure of it.

New TAMs

So what are merchant acquirers to do when faced with a saturated market, escalating legal bills and historic lows in small business formations? Some are making the smart move to seek out “new TAMs”.

TAM stands for “total addressable market”, which is the total revenue available to competitors in a particular market. In other words, a TAM is the size of a market pie.

Good businesspeople look for ways to participate in big pies and in pies that are growing fast. It’s even better when both size and growth occur in the same pie.

That’s precisely what’s happening with the digital marketing TAM.

The research firm, BIA Kelsey, calculates that U.S. small and medium sized businesses will spend $148B in advertising during 2017, with $50B of it devoted to digital forms. What’s more is that the spend on traditional TV, Radio and Print advertising is expected to shrink by 3-5% per year, while digital spending will grow at 12-15% per annum for the next 5 years.

Those are the metrics of a big and fast growing pie!

With years of experience and extensive distribution in the SMB market, progressive acquirers are well positioned to gain from this digital surge. Marketing services are not only profitable, but because they drive top line sales for a merchant, they elevate the acquirer’s business relationship.

Success hinges on having digital services that are both easy to run and effective with patrons. That’s where RevChip comes in.

Text Receipts Are Simple, Effective Marketing

RevChip is rich software for Ingenico and Verifone devices. It works at the intersection of payments and digital marketing, providing not only the latest in EMV, Quick Chip and Apple Pay, but also effective marketing services like Text Receipts.

Text Receipts are digital copies of paper receipts that are composed inside countertop and PIN pad devices running RevChip. After a clerk or patron enters a mobile telephone number into the terminal, RevChip transmits a Text Receipt, which quickly arrives.

Text Receipts are fully configurable and can be loaded with content like online review requests, surveys and bounce back coupons.



Sample Taxt Reciept Sent From Countertop Terminal

To learn more about Text Receipts email info@revchip.com or see a live demonstration at

RevChip’s Booth #S-5


Terry Crowley is CEO of RevChip and of Transendit LLC. Reach him at tcrowley@transendit.com.







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