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Total Merchant Services Offers up to 85% Residuals with New POS System
October 3, 2016

The demand for point of sale systems continues to expand as businesses seek to accept all payment types, manage inventory and compete for customers. To meet the growing demand, many payment processors have developed their own POS solutions, with varying degrees of success. To date, very few providers have taken into account the needs of all key players – particularly independent sales agents – when designing and marketing their POS systems.

Make Money Selling POS

Total Merchant Services has served more than 500,000 businesses and has paid millions of dollars to sales partners over the past 20 years. With Groovv POS, the company has launched a high-demand solution while also developing a program that enables its sales partners to make money. Partners have options to sell, lease or place Groovv POS, as well as choose the compensation program right for them, including an unprecedented residual split of 85%. Groovv POS compensation options and benefits include:

  • Up to 85% share for residuals
  • Free POS placement programs
  • $300 paid on approval
  • 12x bonus up to $5,000
  • $100,000 progressive signing bonus (new partners)
  • 24/7 support for partners and their customers

Groovv POS Features Right for the Market

With Groovv POS, Total Merchant Services provides merchants all the features they need to manage and grow their business in the modern marketplace.

Two Models: Merchants can choose between two hardware options. The Groovv POS All-In-One countertop model includes a 13-inch flip touchscreen, cash drawer, integrated barcode scanner, receipt printer, and an EMV/NFC payment device. For businesses on the move, the Groovv POS Flex model is fully mobile, featuring a Samsung touchscreen tablet, an EMV/NFC payment device, optional peripherals and a flexible stand that can be carried to any location.

Robust Software: For a single store or multiple locations, Groovv POS’ intuitive software enables inventory management, customer tracking, and a management console with cloud-based reporting and analytics accessible from within its hardware and any internet-connected device.

Integrated EMV and NFC Payment Processing: Groovv POS comes standard with a compact payment device that is EMV and NFC-enabled, enabling merchants to accept all payment types right out of the box.

Built-In Marketing: Groovv POS’ integrated marketing system enables merchants to increase sales and reach new customers. Some of its many features include:

  • Rewards Center: Merchants create loyalty programs that customers can join right at checkout.
  • Campaign Manager: Geo-fenced beacons push offers to nearby customers’ smartphones.
  • Order Ahead: Customers can order ahead through a mobile application.

Free Inventory Loading and Support: Total Merchant Services takes customer support to a new level by loading merchant inventory into each Groovv POS system for free, as well as providing extensive training and follow-up.

From designing a system to meet market demands, to providing programs where sales partners can make unprecedented compensation, to offering merchants white glove support, Total Merchant Services has infused Groovv POS with the features to succeed in today’s market.

To become a Total Merchant Services sales partner and/or learn more about its compensation programs and solutions, call 877-498-2809 or visit www.totalpartnership.com

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