Wednesday , December 11, 2019

Glance Technologies Tests At-Table Payment And Launches a Bitcoin Feature

Waiting for a server to bring a paper bill to a table so the payment can be made might not happen at some restaurants if tests by Glance Technologies of its Real-Time Bill feature prove successful.

Announced Wednesday, the feature, which is in testing at undisclosed merchants, enables users to view and pay their bill directly from Glance Technologies’ Glance Pay app without waiting for the paper bill. The app identifies the user’s bill based on Quick Response codes or near-field communication tags at the table. It settles the bill in real-time from the merchant’s point-of-sale system, Glance Technologies says.

This feature is one of the reasons the company sought integration with more than an estimated 500,000 POS installations in North America. Glance Pay made its U.S. debut in March among more than a dozen merchants across California.

“Everyone has experienced frustration waiting for a bill at a restaurant or pub when they needed to get to a show, a meeting, or an airport,” Glance chief executive Desmond Griffin said in a press release. With this new feature, a consumer can find her bill, pay it, and leave at any time, he said.

Glance Technologies says after tests the Real-Time Bill feature will be made available to merchants by the end of the company’s next fiscal quarter, which ends Feb. 28, 2019. The company also is developing an order-from-table feature.

Glance Technologies also announced a Pay With Bitcoin feature for Glance Pay. Users can pair their cryptocurrency wallet with their Glance Pay account, and then purchase Glance Dollars with Bitcoin. Glance Dollars represent a credit that can be spent instantly at participating Glance Pay merchants.

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