Friday , September 20, 2019

Facebook Enables Messenger P2P Payments Nationwide

Social-media network Facebook Inc. says its Messenger person-to-person payments service is available nationwide beginning Tuesday.

Messenger is Facebook’s direct-messaging service. In March, the network launched the P2P service to a few locations. David Marcus, Facebook vice president of messaging, made the announcement of general availability today on Twitter.

Both senders and receivers on Messenger must have a debit card. On his first transaction, the sender enters his debit card number, taps a dollar-sign icon, enters the amount, and hits a “pay” button, which sends a message to the person with whom he is conversing.

To claim the funds, the receiver opens the conversation within Messenger and taps “add card” to enter her debit card details if it’s a first-time transaction for her. The funds will settle into the bank account associated with her card within a few days.

Facebook has also expanded Messenger access to those without Facebook accounts, broadening the number of potential users. The Menlo Park, Calif.-based social network claims 1.4 billion users globally, including 157 million in the U.S. and Canada who use the network every day.

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