Sunday , January 19, 2020

ETA Picks Software Association Executive as Its Next CEO

The new chief executive of the Electronic Transactions Association will begin work the week of Sept. 3.

The Washington, D.C.-based ETA said Thursday Jodie L. Kelley, senior vice president and general counsel at BSA-The Software Alliance, assumes the role vacated in January by Jason Oxman, who left to head up the Information Technology Industry Council. He had been the ETA’s CEO since 2012. Amy Zirkle, ETA vice president of industry affairs, filled in as interim CEO and will remain at the ETA.

“As the payments technology industry grows in both size and importance, ETA must grow along with it,” Kelley said in a press release. “With the help of the board, I look forward to evolving the association at this pivotal time. I am committed to further expanding ETA’s already significant advocacy efforts, increasing our member-education programs and providing more networking opportunities. The payments technology industry is dynamic and so is its trade association. I am excited to work with ETA’s talented staff to advance the goals of this important industry.”

Jodie L. Kelley begins her chief executive role at the ETA the first week of September.

ETA president and chairman Kevin Jones, who is chief executive of Nashville, Tenn.-based Celero Commerce, welcomed Kelley. “The payments-technology industry is dynamic and expanding, and ETA has a vital role to play during this period of growth and innovation,” Jones said in the release. “Jodie is the right person to guide ETA to significant growth that provides enhanced value and a unified voice for our industry.”   

Kelley’s career includes more than 25 years at large organizations. At the Washington-based BSA, an international association that represents software makers, she oversees compliance and enforcement programs, compliance-policy management, and educational programs to promote software license compliance.

A Harvard University law school graduate, Kelley also worked at Fannie Mae, a government-sponsored backer of mortgage loans, where she was responsible for litigation management and advising senior executives.

The ETA has more than 500 member companies and will mark its 30th anniversary in 2020.

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