Tuesday , December 11, 2018

Delivering a Unified Service Beyond Today’s Omnichannel World


In order to compete in the marketplace, ISOs and agents are going to have to adapt and learn to navigate the rapid tech-driven needs of their merchants based on the consumer demand.

Omnichannel is cited as the leading digital priority for 22 percent of retailers [i], providing consumers with a unified, connected experience across all channels they shop. It’s all about the continuity of customer experience, whether the encounter is in-store, online, mobile, telephone, or catalog.

Paysafe offers a robust full-service omnichannel solution combined with B2B and B2C expertise.

Paysafe’s omnichannel payment solutions give all businesses, large and small, the ability to have big-box retailer features, seamlessly integrating in-store, online, mobile, social and other channels with data analytics, all on our proprietary payment platform. Merchants are able to stay connected with their customers throughout the buying journey, even when a sale starts in one channel and finishes in another.

The big question facing the payments industry is, how do we replace the set of tools that support omnichannel strategies today, with a global solution for the future that will allow merchants to grow exponentially? “Paysafe has been focused on this question for two decades, growing organically and by acquisition to the point where we now offer a pretty amazing portfolio of products and services under one umbrella. Paysafe’s recent acquisition of MCPS is the latest iteration of that strategy – another step towards a universal payments platform that genuinely expands our POS activities across offline, online and mobile platforms and enhances our scalability within the North American payments ecosystem,” said Paysafe COO Danny Chazonoff.

Omnichannel solutions transform the customer experience, no matter where or how consumers shop, to boost sales, enhance customer relationships and optimize resources. What was the ‘norm’ for payment processors in the past will not sustain future growth. Balancing personalized customer service and leveraging new payments technology is key. The consumer lifestyle is evolving to where customers are constantly on –the-go. Yes, consumers expect fast service, but they also want access to the payment option of their choice, across all channels.

“Our ultimate objective is the constant evolution of our product offering, to stay ahead of payments trends and anticipate consumer demand. Our integration with Paysafe is the culmination of this central business strategy. We genuinely offer support for every payment scenario under one roof,” according to Todd Linden, CEO of Paysafe Payments Processing, North America.

The future is a truly omnichannel experience with a single set of solutions for every payment channel.  Paysafe gives merchants and partners the freedom to focus solely on their core business and consumers the ability to pay whenever and wherever they want.  The future is here and the future is Paysafe.

Want to learn more about Paysafe’s omnichannel solutions? Email us at iso.sales@paysafe.com or visit our website processing.paysafe.com

[i] Leading Priorities for digital business according to retailers in North America in 2017. eMarketer; Shop.org; Forrester Research @ Statista 2017. https://www.statista.com/statistics/475052/priorities-e-commerce-retailer-na/


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