Sunday , August 18, 2019

Cumberland Farms Adds a Payment Card Option to Its Mobile App

Convenience-store operator Cumberland Farms released a new mobile-payment app with two payment options.

In addition to linking to a checking account to pay for fuel at the pump, the SmartPay function within the app also enables consumers to link to a Netspend prepaid account or use a credit or debit card to fund a prepaid account. Those using a checking or Netspend account receive a 10-cent per-gallon discount on fuel. Those using a payment card only receive the discount for the first 30 days of enrollment.

Cumberlands Farms payment app now offers linking to a payment card.

The new payment-card option is meant to offer another choice to consumers who may not want to pay with a checking account, David Heilbronner, Cumberland Farms director of strategy and advertising, says in an email. The app was developed in-house by the Westborough, Mass.-based company, and has used automated clearing house payment technology from Portland, Maine-based ZipLine Inc.

“SmartPay has been incredibly successful since we launched it [five] years ago, and by adding additional features to enhance the app, we’re confident it will only broaden our success,” Heilbronner says.

The app also has a number of loyalty features built in, such as flash sales and a coffee subscription service.

Since the app’s 2013 debut, Cumberland Farms has steadily added enhancements. In 2018, it added biometric authentication and the ability to enroll within the app.

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