Thursday , April 25, 2019

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Acquirers Becoming Issuers:
The Evolution of Merchant Services

Until recently, Merchant Acquiring and Card Issuing processes were at different ends of the spectrum. However, ingenuity, competitive pricing for merchant services, and an opportunity to better serve the growing number of new businesses are resulting in a confluence of acquiring and issuing in the payments industry.  Acquirers are now …

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How ISOs are outsmarting flat production trends

John Newton – Vice President of Sales, Strategic Partnership Channel, First American Payment Systems If one-to-many isn’t part of your ISO’s growth strategy, it should be. The days of selling on price and free equipment are in the rearview mirror. Product parity has leveled the playing field, with market compression …

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Smart payment solutions:
What is the payments industry doing to keep up?

We’ve come to expect certain levels of safety, security, and convenience when it comes to payments. Today, consumers are using their phones, watches, and even their cars to pay for various goods and services. Recently, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and MLS’ Atlanta United, switched to …

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How eCommerce SMBs are futureproofing their businesses in the wake of payments evolution

Oscar Nieboer – CMO, Paysafe Group     Security has overtaken reliability and cost as the top priority for businesses when selecting a PSP. Here’s why. There is a genuine belief globally that online goliaths such as Amazon, with the financial and human resources at their disposal to be at …

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Saving ISO Programs From Outdated Legacy Systems

The payments industry changes quickly as new regulations and market demands force continual improvement. Legacy systems struggle to keep up, and the ISOs on those platforms feel the pain. PaymentSpring felt it was time to change that by creating a flexible new processing platform that gives ISOs and software providers …

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Ensuring Electronic Payment Security for Specialty Merchants

  Most merchants are in business because of their passion about a product or service, and because they are interested in making money. To succeed, business owners must be prepared for the many obstacles they can face. When it comes to electronic payment acceptance, security is one of the challenges …

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Offering businesses maximum value in a merchant portal

Merchant information portals have been around for decades. They were initially designed as standalone applications that a merchant could use to track and retrieve information about customer credit card transactions, nightly batches and the source of an occasional chargeback. The information in the portal also served as a merchant’s detailed …

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Does your POS partner help you close sales?

As technology drives us into a new era of retailing, merchants are starting to view the omnichannel experience as necessity over novelty, and with that, comes high expectations for the newest streamlined POS solutions.  Fortunately for the MLS and ISO community, Electronic Payments is invested in something greater than just …

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Understanding OFAC: A Best Practices Compliance Guide for All Businesses

Over the last decade, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has imposed $4.3 billion in civil money penalties. But did you know that businesses other than banks received 81% of these fines last year? Yes, OFAC violations are costing U.S. businesses hard-earned cash. Since the attacks of Sept. 11, …

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From Small ISO to International Powerhouse: How You Can Share in the Success

NXGEN is a technology company that delivers state of the art payment solutions to merchants globally. Founded in 2002, and based in Whitefish MT, NXGEN has grown with local offices across the country and a global footprint in 30 countries. The company has grown from the dreams of Founder/CEO, Thomas …

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